Monday, July 12, 2010


Well loyal followers, its the week we have all been waiting for! By this time next week, Justin and I will officially be husband and wife. I will be completely honest, none of this has actually set in. The only time the wedding, or anything wedding related, feels real is in my dreams (usually nightmares) that I have on a weekly basis. I have a feeling with all we having going on this week, things might not set in until Sunday as I prepare myself to walk with my dad down the aisle. In the past couple of weeks, Justin, my mom and I have been wedding machines. We have cranked out more wedding projects than should be humanely possible. On the agenda for this week:

-ceremony programs
-finalizing the seating chart
-place cards
-visiting my friends and family from out of town
-continue operation beautiful bride
-pick up tuxes
-pick up dress and veil (!!!!)
-not go insane
-remember the point of all this craziness

The main point of this list is so after the wedding I can remind myself of how insane wedding planning was so I don't start to miss it in all my spare time :) See you all on Sunday!!!

Getting our marriage license