Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Checkin' in

In case you didn't know, it's February already! Which means my 13 goals for 2013 are in need of a check up....otherwise I may just forget all about them come March.

1. Start recycling.  We have been doing really good with this! However, there are definitely things that I am not sure about.  Note to self: Must learn the rules of recycling....

2. Carpool to school.  We have done this almost every day! We have had to skip a few days here and there because of meetings, but for the most part we have done good.  I hate the extra time on my commute, but the extra money is nice annnnnnd I love to eat breakfast in the car.

3. Read one book a month.  Oh boy....I am halfway through a book....does that count?! My very legitimate excuse is we have a whole week off of school in two weeks.  I plan to read the rest of my January book and my February book.  I promise :)

4. Read one book of the bible a month.  The hubby and I completed this and loved it.  I am actually already well in to my book for February.

5.  Use our new juicer 3x a week.  Hmmm or how about once every other week??? I promise I will try and get better at this one!

6.  Pay off Sallie Mae.  We ended up getting our car situation worked out this month, so Sallie Mae may have to wait a few more months.  Darn that lady!

7.  Go to a concert.  Not yet....

8. Continue Sunday night dinners with my family.  Almost every Sunday so far and it has been great :)

9. Learn something new.  Well I do usually learn something new everyday....but nothing really big to report yet :)

10.  Take a cooking class.  Not yet :)

11.  Perform one random act of kindness each month.  I left a Starbuck's gift card at the cash register! 

12. Go to an out-of-state sporting event.  Not yet :)

13.  Go to Disneyland.  Not yet :)

So, all in all you can tell how thrilling my life has been so far in 2013.....  Bring on Month 2!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Miss you already.

Oh weekend how I miss you already....Monday you have been seriously lame.  I kind of feel bad for you because nobody likes you, but can you blame us?! I know it doesn't help that you follow the three best days of the whole week....

Friday: Does it really matter what anyone does on Friday??? It is the best day ever simply because it finally provides the relief you have been looking for annnndd I am lucky if I can keep my eyes open past nine.
The shower had a onesie and headband making station....yours truly created this adorable piece

Saturday:  I guess I am slowly slipping out of the newlywed life has officially been taken over by baby showers.  It is nice to catch up with your long lost friends in real life, but let me tell you it does nothing for baby fever! Ugh!

our superbowl treat....yummmmm

Sunday:  I don't know what you guys did, but we watched a football game.  And enjoyed a fabulous sermon at church.