Wednesday, July 20, 2016

30 Before 30

At our 30th birthday party 
Well it's officially official.  I am 30.  I've said goodbye to my 20's and started a new decade of my life.  Being the first born child that I am, I can't say my 20's were all that crazy in the worldly sense of crazy.  I did check off almost every major life stage in my 20s: graduate college, get married, start a career, buy a house, have a baby, change career, surprise have another baby and surprise buy another house.  It was a whirlwind, but I will always look back on my 20's as a very special and overwhelming decade of my life.  Anywho enough life reflection for now....instead I would like to take a moment to reflect on my 30 before 30 list and see how I did.....
30 Before 30 List
1.   Go on an airplane- Check! Flown with a newborn...check! Flown with a toddler....check! Flown with two kids under the age of 2....check!
2.   Read all books on our 30 before 30 list-  I have 9 full books to go on here.  I am part of the way through with Attitude of Gratitude since you aren't supposed to read it all at once.  I also am about 70-75% done with the Bible. 
3.   Run a 5k- Check! The hubby and I did the Rugged Maniac was intense but so fun!

4.   Take a cooking class- Check! We actually took two! One through the city which was very fun and very hands-on. The other one was through a local Italian was delicious, but more like a cooking demonstration.
Our teacher was the cutest French lady
5.   Learn a new hobby- Hmmmm I feel like I have done a lot of new things lately.  I completed a running program, moved us into a new house, continue to hone my cooking skills and also started venturing into the homeschooling world.  I don't know if you can quite call any of these hobbies, but to me they are something with two young kids to care for :)
6.   Eat something from our garden- I can't keep anything alive at all....However our new house came with a lemon tree! Six months in and it's still alive! We made homemade lemon sorbet with some of our lemons and it was delicious! 
7.   Pay off student loan debt- Check-ish! Everything is paid off except for a small interest free loan which we have decided to not pay off early because it just doesn't really make a lot of sense. 
8.   Buy a car- This one is getting bumped to my next list :)
9.   Plant a tree- This one is getting bumped too. I have kept the lemon tree alive so I think I will have better luck with trees than I do with plants/flowers.
10.                Donate blood- I'm still technically nursing, but I think I can check this off while I am 30....which still counts because it's my list :)
11.                Host Thanksgiving- Another one that I will check off while I am 30, and also possibly move to my next list too. 
12.                Go to a concert- We really wanted to go to Kenny Chesney next month, but don't have a babysitter.  We have a few possibilities for the fall too. 
13.                Complete a 30-day challenge- We actually made this a New Year's Resolution and have done pretty good.  We have done a squats, plank and running challenge.  Also we did the Whole30 and we are currently doing a prayer challenge. 
14.                Order a produce box- Check! We actually tried a couple of different ones and loved it.  It is a little pricey though!
15.                Go on a roadtrip- Check! Last summer we drove up the coast of California for a wedding. It was awesome!
We arrived in Mendocino
16.                Go to Washington D.C.- This one is a transfer...
17.                Have breakfast on the beach- Check! We actually stayed on the beach for a surprise birthday weekend away. 
18.                 Plan a 30th birthday bash- Check! We just hosted this two weeks ago and we had a great time!
19.                Go camping- Check-ish! We bought some camping gear for a Campout with Dad Event at church, but Ellasyn and I stayed at home. Hopefully while I am 30 we can go.
20.                Go to Disneyland- Check! We went for Sadie's second birthday and had the best time!
meeting Snow White
21.                Visit an out of town stadium- We have been to quite a few more ballparks, but we haven't been to any football stadiums that part will get transferred.
22.                Carry out 30 random acts of kindness- I had a plan for this and then didn't execute it....I am going to put this on my Fall bucket list so I can complete it by the end of the year :)
23.                Play a round of golf together- ummm definitely a transfer....although I have putted with him in our new backyard!
24.                Write a children’s book- I actually may transfer this to just writing a book in general....
25.                Go to the Grand Canyon- transfer!
26.                Go out on a boat- Check! We went on a ferry in Seattle. We also went on a boat tour in San Francisco last summer. 
Golden Gate bridge boat tour
27.                Go to a drive-in movie theater- Transfer....
28.                Join or start a book club- Check-ish! I started a Toddler Book Club.  Honestly, my friends and I aren't quite in the Book Club stage, but Toddler Book Club is a nice compromise :)
29.                Watch a classic movie that we haven’t seen before- We never decided on a movie....we will do that this year though!

30.                Make a list of 40 things to do before 40- I just can't bring myself to do this year maybe!

This was the hubby and I on my 20th birthday....a whole decade ago!