Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding Party Member of the Week #3

This week we are honored to present our W.P.M.W: Emerson Rose!

Courtesy of their excellent photographer DrewB

Justin and I went to Chapman with Emmy's parents and Emmy's mom and I are sorority sisters. I started watching Emmy when she was just a few months old and before long Justin and I just fell in love with their family. They are some of the best people we have ever met, not to mention an absolutely precious family. They are the kind of family that you actually hope procreate so they can fill our earth with everything that is good and precious (Baby #2 is on the way!!!).

At our engagement party

Emmy just celebrated her second birthday with a rockin Oswald party. She was an adorable birthday girl and she keeps getting smarter and funnier with all the new words she learns. She was also really excited about her birthday cake :)

Every time Justin and I spend time with Emmy, we think how did she possibly get any cuter from the last time that we saw her?! It has been a true joy not only watching Emmy grow, but also having Emmy and family share in this special time with us. We are so excited for her to be a flower girl in our wedding!!

Taking her for a ride on the "airpwane"

Is she not the cutest thing ever?!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Teeny Tiny Updates

Chargers win, lots of family, friend and fiance time=a great weekend! Just a few updates mostly indirectly related to our upcoming nuptials:

1. We want to wish two special wedding party members a very happy birthday! One of our flower girls, Emmy, and our current wedding party member of the week, Ryan, both are celebrating their birthdays tomorrow. I was lucky enough to go to both of their birthday parties this weekend, and don't think either of the guest of honors could have been any cuter!

2. My fiance is finally a Californian!! Yay!! Not only is this a weight off of Justin's shoulders, but it brings us one step closer to tying the knot!

3. We are taking our engagement pictures this week, big big yay!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!

Have a great Sunday night and be sure to tune in tomorrow for the reveal of our Wedding Party Member of the Week #3!

And here are a few more Ryan highlights for your enjoyment:

He says he can be the Hulk if he eats green food and gets angry....I was scared :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding Party Member of the Week #2

This week we would like to present one of our handsome ring bearers: Ryan!

Ryan is my Aunt Amy and Uncle Ron's youngest son. He is getting ready to celebrate his fourth birthday with none other than a "Hulk" Themed birthday party. He is quite the rockstar. Not to mention, Ryan might have the cutest voice we have ever heard which he often uses to utter the funniest comments. And yes for the avid blog followers, he is Brooke's Ryan. Although this blog isn't big on spreading gossip, word on the street is Ryan has plans to propose to me next time I go to his house. Hopefully we don't stir up too much drama, because we could not imagine our wedding without Ryan :)

We would make a cute couple

He is so adorable!

They are just so cute

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Party Member of the Week #1

For our first ever wedding party member of the week we would like to introduce one of our adorable flower girls: Brooke!

Brooke is my cousin Janelle's darling daughter. She is super funny and should probably have her own television show. She is also busy planning her own wedding to our cousin Ryan (a ring bearer). Although technically the fact that they are related poses quite a challenge, they really are a dynamic duo. We can't wait for her to walk down the aisle, at our wedding that is :)

They definitely have the bickering part down :)

The sun was in her eyes but she still smiled like a champ

At our Family Reunion this summer

Birthday Weekend=Busy Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It is actually a happy Monday in this house because the Chargers kick off their season tonight!!!! Wooo Hoo!! We had a fun, but busy birthday weekend for J man. My mom's whole family went to the SDSU game and Sky Show (which was amazing) on Saturday night. We had a blast, I mean who doesn't love family and football, not to mention amazing fireworks?! We didn't do much for Justin's actual birthday yesterday because we were both busy in our own coaching worlds. My cheerleaders had a choreographer come this weekend to teach them their routine and Justin had soccer games all weekend. Justin said he just wanted to go out to dinner and relax so that is what we did! His present is the Brad Paisley concert so we will celebrate his birthday again in a couple of weeks. This weekend we also decided that we are going to add a new feature to this wonderful blog :) We are so excited to be sharing our wedding with our very special wedding party, so why not let everybody know just how wonderful they all are?! Starting today we will be featuring a Wedding Party Member of the Week. This person will have a whole week for everyone to see how awesome they really are! Keep your eye out for that and GO CHARGERS!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sometimes the shortest weeks can feel the longest....

Wow thank goodness it is Friday!! Even with the holiday this week and an ahhhhmazing mini-vacay to Santa Barbara, this week seemed unbelievably long! Justin and I were lucky enough to spend the long weekend up in Santa Barbara with some wonderful friends. Justin played some golf and I spent a day at the spa with Erin. It was such a beautiful resort (Pam Anderson was even there!) and it was so nice just relaxing with Justin, Farand, Erin. We are so blessed to have these special people in our life!

Not too much to report on the wedding front....I did purchase what I hope to be my wedding shoes, but definitely shoes for our engagement pics. My mom thinks that is weird, but a lot of things I want to do are weird and she is my mom so I know she will love me anyways :) Speaking of engagement pictures, we are hoping to schedule a time to take them in the next month or so. Justin's schedule is so crazy right now, but I can't wait! I love engagement pictures!!! I also ordered some cute ribbons for our place cards which I purchased (for free!) at Staples. So total cost (-home printing) is 19 bucks for over 200 place cards. Not too shabby! I love ribbon and I love pink so I am also slowly collecting plenty of it for all sorts of wedding needs! Other than my massive collection of ideas and pictures, that is pretty much all we have done in the last week or so. Justin's birthday is Sunday so don't forget to send some wishes his way!! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Change of Plans

This weekend Justin and I set out to scope out some potential wedding venues. Location #1 was a miss. The location was pretty, not really us, but still nice. The staff was nice enough to set up a tasting for us which was pretty good. They were definitely interesting characters, but it will be something that we remember forever. Location #2 was a hit. Actually THE hit. We had looked at this place a few times online and were intrigued. The only problem with this location is the popularity of it has required the staff to set up a lottery system to reserve one of their rooms. Luckily the lottery was being held today, only two days after our visit, which didn't leave us much time to stress about it. Justin and I came up with a few different options (like different rooms, and dates) in order to better our chances of securing the location. Unfortunately Justin and my mom were unable to come so my Auntie Kathy was nice enough to venture out with me to the lottery early this morning. Although the lottery was open for all of July, August and September 2010, although there are five Saturdays in July, and although we were available for three possible different rooms, AND although we were picked number 15 our number one choice, number two choice and number three choice were all taken. As I sat there surrounded by happy couples who got their number one choice and by the staff who was quickly asking me what my next choice was, I tried my hardest to stay positive. My Auntie Kathy was great, but I still felt so much pressure trying to make this huge decision by myself. I couldn't even talk to Justin on the phone! As I'm sure most of you know, I don't like making decisions, especially big ones like this. I kept trying to adjust to changing a date we had set over two months ago and hosting our wedding on a Sunday. I absolutely loved this place, but was it not meant to be? I couldn't figure it out! Luckily, they promised not to charge us for the deposit until we signed the contract which we had 24 hours to do. My Aunt and I decided to look around one more time before leaving and I became more and more excited. Justin was able to call me shortly after I left and of course he made me feel even better. Where was he like two hours before when I was in tears?? He was super excited and promised that we could always celebrate 7-17. He also reminded me that all great holidays have an Eve, so of course our wedding anniversary must have a wedding anniversary eve! And that ladies in gentlemen is why he is the one for me! So to recap this monster of a post we have a NEW date and a LOCATION! WOO HOO! MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR JULY 18, 2010!

Justin giving a sneak preview of our location!


Since our engagement back in June we have been lucky enough to have not just one celebration, but six different celebrations! Some of them have been small, some a little more extravagant, but all of them just as special to Justin and I. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to share this special time with. We just can't thank everyone enough for making us feel so special! Now for a little celebration recap...

The first celebration took place immediately following the proposal. It consisted of both a little champagne celebration on the field at Angel Stadium followed by dinner at our restaurant of choice, Lazy Dog.

The second celebration was an impromptu night out with some of my lovely angel girls. We enjoyed some yummy, and cheap champagne, and a few memorable pieces of advice from a couple interesting fellas.

The third celebration was an excellent dinner put on by Justin's grandparents. We were lucky enough to celebrate with Justin's mom and sister who were here from Colorado.

The fourth celebration was just for Justin and I. We love celebrating with everyone, but we also wanted to take a little time to celebrate with each other, just the two of us. We enjoyed a very yummy dinner at the Melting Pot, sorry no pictures.

The fifth celebration was a dinner/night out in Huntington Beach put on by our friend and groomsmen Farand. We had such a fun time with all of our friends, although we spent the rest of the weekend with the flu.

The sixth and final celebration was a party put on by my parents. It was of course baseball themed and was super fun! We created a advice scrapbook that our guests contributed to. It turned out great, and we can't wait to refer to it for the next fifty years or so!

Once again thanks for making this time so special, only 320 days until the next big celebration! Stay tuned for some big wedding news!