Meet the Team

Our Story

Husband and I are college sweethearts.  We shared a few mutual friends in our days at Chapman University and officially met during a Broadcast Journalism class our sophomore year of college.  We were engaged in June of 2009 and married July 18, 2010.  We are both teachers and are blessed to spend every day working with kids.  We love sports, eating and country music.  We just bought our first home in December 2011 and are enjoying the crazy journey of homeownership.  We love our God, our families and our babies more than anything else!

The Wife

I am a fifth grade teacher who is always looking for new ideas for my classroom, for our home and for the kitchen!  I love my job and feel so lucky that I get to hang out with kids all day.  Some days I wish I had endless amounts of money to decorate our house, or at least hire a chef.  I am still a chef-in-training, although the husband does an excellent job oohing and aahing and always clearing his plate.  I love to read, spend time at the beach and shop.

The Husband

The husband is a working machine.  He is a high school math teacher, the athletic director and a club soccer coach.  I am so lucky to have such a hard working hubby! When he does have free time, he loves anything sports.  He also loves to eat (lucky me!) and he is slowly getting in to reading (yay!).  Did I mention he loves to golf?!

The Sweet Baby Girl

On September 3rd, 2013 we welcomed our precious miracle into this world, Sadie Joye.  She was seven weeks early (you can read more about that here) and we could not be more in love with her.  She currently loves smiling, chatting and taking long walks to the park.

The Kitty

Last year a former student of ours found a litter of abandoned kittens.  How could we pass that up?!  So we adopted our kitty, Dunphy.  He is named after one of our favorite shows, Modern Family.  He loves vegetables, hates to be pet and enjoys sleeping in the decorative tray I bought for our couch.  Husband likes to talk like Puss in Boots for Dunphy and it is by far one of my favorite things in the whole world.

The Puppy

The husband has wanted a dog since, well since forever.  I finally caved and we adopted our first puppy this summer.  We named her Chesney after one of our favorite country singers, Kenny Chesney. She is the sweetest puppy and Dunphy's best friend.  They wrestle and play all day long.  Chesney loves to take herself for walks and swim in Grandma and Grandpa's pool.


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    1. Thank you! I am excited to check out your blog too :)