Sunday, March 29, 2015

18 Months

Weight: According to the doctor's she is 20lbs! I am not sure on the ounces because they measured her in kilograms and just said 20 when we asked about the conversion.

Height: She is about 31 inches! And yes she still screams the entire time at the times.

Nicknames: Mostly pumpkin, puppet, stink butt, baby girl...

Eating: This girl would always be eating if you would let her.  Her absolute favorite things are carbs and fruit.  She lives for her morning toast and her afternoon snack of some kind of fruit.  She also will not leave grandma's without a Lara Bar "treat" or leave her highchair at dinnertime without frozen blueberries for dessert.  She has gotten a little more picky over the last few months, but overall she will eat pretty much anything.  She eats breakfast, two mini lunches (before and after nap), an afternoon snack and then dinner.  Unless she is at grandma's and then she eats all of the time....

Sleeping: Oh sleep...this child seriously punked us when she was such a great sleeper when she was a baby.  Every since we took away the swaddle/rock n' play (ummm a year ago?!!), it has been one thing after another.  She is either teething, sick etc.... We did let her cry a few times, but she still always ended up in our bed.  At this point, we just put her down in our bed and she sleeps with us all night.  Despite some kicks, and an occasional rough night, I think we all are getting the most sleep this way #pushovers.  She goes down every night between 8:30-9:00pm.  She wakes up every morning between 7-9am (I'm serious....).  Depends on the plans we have for the day (she loves to mess with those), but she usually averages waking up about 8am.  We transitioned officially to one nap about a month or so ago....she goes down between noon-1pm.  She sleeps anywhere from one-three hours.  Usually it's just under two hours depending on the day.

Diapers/Clothes: Size 3 diapers and shoes.  Clothing is 9 and 12 month.  I have noticed the 9 month is getting really small though, but a lot of the 12 month is too big.  It is a good thing she has a HUGE selection of clothes! 

Social: Sadie is pretty outgoing and chatty, but she can also be really shy.  I would love to sign her up for some classes, but with the baby coming, I'm going to wait and see how it goes.  The pressure though, I swear kids her age are in all sorts of activities! 

At 18 months Sadie....
-had her first "broken" bone/first cast thanks to a crazy boy at Sea World
-HATES the doctors, getting x-rays or being touched by anyone who is employed by Kaiser (I don't really blame her though!)
-is a parrot! She loves to repeat what you say and do, although most of the time you can't make out what she is saying...
-can say with basic human understanding "please" (pppp-wahhh, the wahhh is more pronounced depending on how bad she wants something), "hi", "bye"(with a southern twist!), "mama", "baby", "ball", "blueberries", (all of the last three sound pretty much the same), "grandma", "sit" (to the dog), "go, go, go", "yes", "done", "plubby", "potty", "trash" and more!
-dances ALL the time and expects other people to dance too
-loves Frozen, her play kitchen songs, her play lamp songs, and a whole lot of country!
-is able to entertain herself for a somewhat extended amount of time depending on her mood...
-loves pushing her baby stroller, she puts all sorts of weird things in there! 
-gets super excited when you ask her if she wants to do something and she says "ooooh"
-loves to tell people (including herself) "mo, mo, mo" (no) and shake her finger
-says lots of animal noises like "meow", "moo", "grrr", "quack", "caw".  She also does "vroom" noises for cars, motorcycles and planes.
-loves to "reorganize" the house constantly, especially the dishwasher....
-enjoys helping with anything! Loves to unload the silverware from the dishwasher, put clothes in the dryer, or get things that you ask for.
-still loves being read to.  She will pick up as many books as she can carry and bring them to you to read.
-loves to be chased by daddy!
-is very stubborn...not really interested in learning shapes or things of that nature...she prefers trying to shove the square in the circle hole :)
-likes loud noises IF you count to three with her (she only can do the "one" at this point)
-gets really frustrated when things don't behave the way she wants (wonder where she gets that from??)
-loves to pull up my shirt and kiss the baby
-makes the "shhh" sound when someone is sleeping or any time she sees a baby
-plays peekaboo with the drapes and blankets over and over and over again
-still gives lots of kisses, blows lots of kisses and gives THE best hugs!
-knows hot and cold
-enjoys being outside and going for walks
-likes to go get the mail with daddy and bring in the trash cans
-has 11 teeth!
-claps whenever anyone else claps
-loves to carry things around with her like a girly this one!
-has full on conversations with the cell phone to her ear...or something posing as a phone.  She laughs and talks total gibberish!
-can point to her nose, eyes, mouth, toes, hair, head, tummy, hands and feet.  Still working on ears!
-is seriously always smiling!!

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