Thursday, February 4, 2016

Nine Months

Weight: She was still about 16lbs according to our home scale.  It is so hard to tell! I will be really curious to see how much she ends up weighing at one year....her sister was about 17lbs.

Height: Still very long and wiggly! I think about 27 inches....a 1/2 foot longer than birth!

Nicknames: anything about being wild or crazy :) stinker, stink butt, E-yah (Sadie's name for her), Ella Bella, Sister, Baby, Ellie, sweet girl, pumpkin, peanut, monkey

Eating: Ellasyn is still nursing every 2 hours unless we are apart.....daddy and grandma have held her off for as long as 4 hours.  She usually eats at around 7am when she is waking up. Then again at around 9am before her morning nap.  Again about 11am and then around 1 or 1:30pm before she goes down for her afternoon nap.  This is her longest stretch IF she takes a solid nap.  I usually feed her when she wakes up between 3-4pm or later *fingers crossed*.  Then usually another feeding or two before bed. Ellasyn started liking food a lot more this month, still not a fan of purees (except applesauce). She like cucumbers, zucchini, apples/applesauce, oranges, yogurt, banana, quinoa/rice mix from Costco, chicken, corn tortillas,  Overall, she is happy if she can do it herself, but she is still working on it. 

Sleeping: Sleeping is still the same #sigh....and she is still an early bird, which honestly I don't really mind (although by nature I am not!).  The problem is she wakes up super happy anywhere from 6:30-7am, but then starts whining and rubbing her eyes within the hour #butwhy?!!!??! We took her evening cat nap away after a going to sleep battle one night, so she is officially a two-napper! I have had to adjust a few things to make sure they still nap around the same time because that is seriously my life goal :) Her first nap is usually a stroller, car seat (which has gotten trickier now that she's in a big girl seat) or ergo nap.  It ranges from 30minutes-1 hour.  Her second nap is her long nap still swaddled in her swing....don't judge me! Anyhoooo it last about two hours usually and I will just ride that wave as long as I can so sorry I'm not sorry :)

Diapers: We bumped her up to size 3 because I was tired of buying two different sizes #seconkidproblems. She also must have had a growth spurt recently because a lot of clothes that she has been wearing have gotten way too short on her in just the last week.  So I shed a tear or two and packed it all away....she now wears 6 months mostly and 9 month only pajamas because she is so long! I'm pretty sure Sadie wore these same size pajamas when Ellasyn was born :)

Social: Ellasyn loved Christmas and we loved spending it with her! She was a trooper during our tour of southern California visiting family.  She also started major stranger danger, but still allows a selective few to hold her....#innercircle.  And as usual she has been determined to grow up way too she is taking steps like a pro :(((( Although a little cold last week really threw off her balance so it bought us some time! 

Likes: being held, moving, being silly, Sadie, daddy, grandma (more like loves!!!), being naughty, her swing (duh), her walker or anything she can push, balls (this girl LOVES to chase things that roll), paper to eat, tearing paper (especially toilet paper), feeding herself, the bath, being held, being held, being held ;)

Dislikes: waiting for food, going into the nursery or being around anyone she hasn't welcomed into her inner circle, still not really a fan of riding in the car unless someone is sitting with her, getting her diaper changed, being put down for one millisecond, having something taken away by her sister

Mommy: We have been so busy getting into our new home and getting back to daily life with just the three of us.  The days are a lot longer now that we aren't at grandmas!

Daddy: Busy, busy, busy! We are so excited to have him around for a week here in February. 

Furbabies: They are currently huge fans of Ellasyn and her tendency to chuck her bowl off her highchair :) #cleanuppatrol

What we are looking forward to:  Our staycation in February! And of course Valentine's Day!!!

uncle Dylan made the cut

this is her too cool smile

not impressed with Shamu

Santa did not make the cut

finally got her own sippy cup!

first Christmas

she loves to play with this....just don't put her in it

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