Monday, July 27, 2009


Has unfortunately been keeping us away from the blogging world for some time now. Life has also kept any big wedding plans from being formed. So not much to report in the wedding planning world. However, in between moving Justin out of his apartment this past weekend, we were able to begin the registry process. It was exhausting, but we had a blast! We spent about three hours in Bed, Bath and Beyond with a clicker and a clipboard. Overall, it was a success despite being extremely overwhelming. Because we began registering when we did, we received a coupon so we purchased a PediEgg to get our feet beautiful for the wedding. I must say it was a very weird feeling spending that long in a store shopping only to surface in the real world with a PediEgg. Well I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of their Monday and hopefully I will be able to get another post in before my family's upcoming travel extravaganza. Also, Justin has shown some interest in contributing so keep your eye out for that.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This weekend we really had to put this saying in to practice. We had a wonderful weekend that was unfortunately tainted by a small "inconvenience". My mom and my aunt have always reminded me that most things that happen in life are just inconveniences and should be dealt with accordingly. Justin and I have been so blessed with healthy families that we love very much and that is all that matters. So we can thank God for that and just enjoy all He has given to us. To start off our weekend Justin and I were able to celebrate our -1 anniversary, as our wonderful friend Erin named it. We were able to make our first purchase with our first gift card! Justin was nice enough to let me get the cupcake holder I have always wanted :) Then we enjoyed a nice dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, yummy!

Happy 7-17!
Saturday was Justin's mom's surprise birthday party. We had so much fun celebrating with the birthday girl and all her guests. Happy birthday Julie!
Justin and Me with my Future In-Laws
On Sunday I dragged my mom to my first bridal bazaar :) We had a blast walking around, talking to vendors and trying wedding cake. It was exhausting so of course we had to treat ourselves to a nice meal on the San Diego Harbor. I had such a wonderful day with my mom!

My mom insisted on taking this picture

At our beautiful lunch
Now that we tackled this bridal bazaar, we are ready to go full force in to this planning so stay tuned. We hope you had a great weekend and you remembered to focus on what is most important in life!

Friday, July 17, 2009


WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! Today is the official one year mark until we tie the knot....which is exciting, but also a little scary! We have come to realize in this past month just how much time and money goes in to this wedding business. This next year will prove to be extremely challenging especially with our busy schedules and our distance from each other. However, tonight we are just going to celebrate the day and look forward to all of the fun and excitement that comes with being engaged. Speaking of fun, I am still planning on making a post of all our engagement celebrations. We are so blessed to have had such wonderful celebrations with some amazing people! Happy 7-17 everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Engagement

I thought it would be best to really get in to this blog by replaying the whole reason this blog exists, I'm engaged!! Justin and I were engaged on June 16th, 2009 at Angel Stadium.  The elaborate proposal began on my actual birthday (in May) when Justin gave me a "surprise birthday getaway" as my gift.  The trip didn't actually happen though until we both finished school and had some free time! The trip consisted of eight surprises, the first being DISNEYLAND! 

On our way!

We love Disneyland and hadn't been in about six months.  The second surprise was Justin had booked a hotel room right by Disneyland for the night.  The third surprise was dinner reservations at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland, yummy! 

We had a great day at Disneyland and when we got back to the hotel Justin had ordered the most beautiful flowers for me (surprise four)! 

Me and my flowers!

The next day Justin ordered me my favorite breakfast, surprise number five.  Justin said we had some time before our next activity so we grabbed some lunch and went shopping.  Then Justin blindfolded me again and we headed to our next destination, which I was completely clueless about! Five minutes later, we arrived at Angel Stadium (surprise six).  Justin said he had arranged for a private tour.  I of course had worked there for three years and was a little less than thrilled.  However, I put on a smile and tried to be a good sport.  Our tour guide took us down to the field and Justin walked us out to home plate.  He started talking about the first night we met and then asked if he could sing me a song. 

Our arrival 


Surprise Seven! 

That's a YES!

Surprise Eight!

Champagne Toast with our families

Well this was a quite a post for quite a proposal.  Justin planned for months and did such a great job.  I could not have asked for a more perfect proposal or a more perfect fiance! 

First Post!

We (well mostly me) have decided to create a blog to share and celebrate this wonderful time in our lives! We have been engaged for almost a month now and the wedding is almost exactly twelve months away.  I love being engaged, I'm excited to plan this wedding and most of all I love blogging!  I love reading blogs, even people I don't know (Justin thinks that's creepy), so I'm super excited to make our own.  However, I don't have any idea how to do this and really wish I paid more attention in my technology class.... so bear with us!