Thursday, May 5, 2016

12 Months

Weight: She was 16 lbs and 15.5 ounces at her 1 year checkup....which puts her at almost exactly the same size as her sister at one and puts them both in the 15th percentile 

Height: She was 28 inches at her check-up....again identical to her sister :)

Nicknames: anything about being wild or crazy :) stinker, stink butt, E-yah (Sadie's name for her), Ella Bella, Sister, Baby, Ellie, sweet girl, pumpkin, peanut, monkey

Eating: We have been slowly weaning Ellasyn off of breastfeeding.  Right now we are at two times a day and who knows how many at night.....I feed her when we first wake up and then some time around bedtime.  I never wanted to start the habit of nursing to sleep (not that my kids would have done that anyways!) so sometimes I feed her at 6pm and sometimes not until 8pm.  Ellasyn really loves food! She still throws things when she is done or doesn't like something.  Sadie never did that so sometimes I forget to keep my eye on her, thank goodness for pets, my clean-up crew! She likes meat!!! steak, chicken, sausage, and she finally likes cheese (weirdo!).  She won't really eat eggs and she has a love/hate relationship with ice cream.  She also loves to carry pieces of food around with her and by carry I mean she has a death grip!

Sleeping: Ellasyn still sleeps right in between us.  I am not sure how many times she nurses at night because I don't really wake up to notice.  She has had a few rough nights lately with a cold and teething, but she also has had some mornings where she slept until 7:30 and even 8!!! Woo! Most days she is up by 7:30 though and only on really bad days (like my birthday) does she get up a little before 7.  The morning nap is getting a little iffy...on days she sleeps in, we usually skip the morning nap because otherwise it gets too late and I don't want to interfere with my double nap time later on.  If she does take a morning nap, it is usually about 30-45 minutes in the stroller or car seat.  Her afternoon nap is in our bed, although if she's fighting it, I let the swing still put her to sleep and then move her.  This nap is almost always an hour and a half, although I wish it would be longer! 

Diapers: Still in size 3 diapers and size 3 shoes. Her clothes range depending on what we put her in because we just have little girls' clothing all over our house! I would say most of her clothes are 9 months though. 

Social: Ellasyn is really starting to come around with strangers.  She actually loved her doctor's appointment and she likes her class at church (even though she cries when we drop her off and pick her up).  She is slowly growing her tight inner circle and loves to explore as long as it's on her own terms....don't you dare try and leave the room without checking with her first! She is such a smart cookie too! She understands simple commands (go get the ball, give Sadie a book etc.).  She loves to pretend to talk and she can say "bye", "hi" and we are working on animal noises with her (Sadie says "what kitty say eyah???"). She squats when she pretends to help us look for things (mostly pacifiers!).  She was so cute in music class and really participated.  The teacher was blown away by how much she joined in! 

Likes: being chased, playing with her sister, climbing everything (everything), eating, being silly, dancing, singing, any toy that sings or plays music, music class, pretending she is a part of gymnastics class, grandma, her daddy, riding in the cozy coupe, and bath time. 

Dislikes: being dropped off at church, occasionally getting dressed or getting her diaper changed (but there has been some doesn't sound like she is being murdered anymore), still not a huge fan of car rides, when she doesn't get exactly what she wants #temper, when you leave the room without checking with her, when she has something taken away or we have to go inside

Mommy: The last few months have been crazy with two fully mobile kids! We had the best time though throwing an epic first birthday party and celebrating our sweet Ellasyn.  

Daddy: Busy, busy, busy! We are so excited summer is coming! 

Furbabies: They love Ellasyn and her food throwing ways! Ellasyn loves to pet the kitty, but she isn't a huge fan of Chesney. She pretty much just tolerates her kisses.

What we are looking forward to: Summer! We can't wait to make our annual summer list!

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