Friday, May 6, 2016

This is 2.5

Weight: Sadie is a little over 24lbs.  Last week the girls had a tummy bug and I think they both lost some weight, but she's still under 25lbs for sure. (It's been another week since I started this post, I weighed her again and she was about 26lbs!) 

Height: She has really grown in height recently! Her Christmas jammies are so small on her now.  She is about 34 inches I think.

Nicknames: Usually Sadie with something after it, like Sadie baby.  Also pretty much anytime you try and call her something, she says "no two"

Eating: Sadie is seriously a great eater! We for sure lucked out in this department. She eats pretty much anything now, including corn tortillas! She loves "snacks" and prefers those to anything else.  She also has expensive taste....she loves crab legs and going out for sushi.  In the morning she asks for eggs, toast and bacon or sausage.  When daddy gets up with her on the weekends, she asks for "sench toast".  She still loves to have snacks at grandma's and always takes a ziplock full of goodies when we leave.

Sleeping: Sadie officially graduated to an actual bed! She has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for over 6 months now, but grammy and grampy brought down an adorable twin bed for her to start using and she loves it.  She still goes to bed around 8:30-9pm.  We read two books, say prayers, sing our bedtime song and then one of us will lay with her for a few minutes before we get up.  She was taking longer to fall asleep with us there so we decided to let her just fall asleep on her own.  There were no tears and it's been a super easy process.  I just usually tell her I have to go check on daddy and then she always asks me to check on her too.  She is still taking a nap (although she completely boycotted it on our vacation last month).  I am pretty sure summertime could be the end of it.  She also still uses her pacifier at night.  I wanted to get through potty training before we gave this up and now we are flying in June so I think we will say goodbye to it after that trip.  It seriously never leaves her bed, so I am not that worried about it. 

Diapers: No more diapers! We started potty training Sadie about a week before she was 2.5.  She had a rough first couple of days, but that was mostly my fault.  After day 4, it just clicked and she has been near perfect ever since. The biggest lesson I learned, was to just go with your kiddo and ignore all the other advice (this should pretty much be the only parenting advice accepted about anything actually).  Sadie has great bladder control and always wakes up dry.  I was forcing her to try and go every 40 minutes or so and she was getting really frustrated because she didn't have to go.  Finally, after a day full of accidents, I was ready to throw in the towel for awhile.  However, that day of accidents really helped her figure out how to control the flow :) She also really prefers to go on the big potty and I love that because it is so easy to go anywhere now.  She has really done great and we are super proud of her! And no more having two in diapers!!!!! Party!! She is mostly in 18 month clothes now, some 2T and some 12 month depending on what it is.  Size 5 shoe and she gets herself fully dressed now, including the outfit selections :) She has quite the fashion sense, I clearly don't grasp the levels of her taste. 

Social: Sadie is really growing up! She doesn't really show any separation fear anymore and LOVES her class at church.  She is very bossy and is always telling her sister "no too shap" or "no touch Eyah" or "big mess Eyah".  She actually loves to clean up her own messes and I don't hate it.  The other day she wanted to "help" feed Chesney breakfast and she dumped the whole thing of dog food in the garage.  I was trying so hard not to lose it, but she actually insisted on cleaning the whole thing up, I ended up feeling kind of bad!  She is also on a total manners kick.  If you compliment her she says "tank you mommy" and *usually* when you ask her to do something she says "yes mommy/daddy/gaga".  I know this won't last forever, so I am going to enjoy it while I can. 

Likes: eating (especially snacks or treats), anything girly, BOOKS, anything Frozen or disney, grandma, music and dancing....see list below....

Dislikes: having help (she yells "no I do dat!), being told "no" (although she loves to say it!), when her sister or friends takes one of her toys, sharing in general, when her favorite plate is dirty (usually the purple plate)

Mommy: Sadie is such a little mini-me.  Sometimes we all agree that it's like watching a little Brittany run around.  Of course this also means she gives me a run for my money! She is so fun most of the time, but I am a little fearful of those teenage years since I know what I put my own mom through! 

Daddy: Sadie loves her daddy! They have SO much fun together! She always asks if daddy is at "werk" or "socker" and she says she misses him and wants to do "monsta tucks"(they roll around pretending to be monster trucks and she loves it) and go potty (he always takes the girls to change and go to the bathroom when he walks in the door lol). 

Furbabies: Sadie loves animals and our pets are no exception.  She will ask to pet the kitty now because she is a little scared after he "hit" her.  So she gets really excited when she pets him and she says "kitty no hit mommy!"

What we are looking forward to:  It has been so much fun to watch her talking evolve.  Her vocabulary grows right before our eyes.  Last night in bed, she kept talking about her elbow....I don't know why I felt like that made her seem so grown up, but it did.

I feel like Sadie changes and learns new things every day, so these lists were so hard to make!!!

Sadie can.....
-identify all colors, these have finally clicked and she loves to read her new book about colors
-say her "ABCs"....she mixes up a few letters for sure, but can sing along with the majority of the song
-walk on the balance beam, do a somersault and a straddle roll.  She LOVES her gymnastics class and she seriously flies through everything now.  The teacher usually asks her to show other kids how to do stuff, and she loves that.
-remember EVERYTHING! I had to stop telling her what we were doing tomorrow or after nap because it was making her wake up too early.
-remember lots of lines and pages from her favorite books. 
-do so many things independently....get dressed, drink, eat, put on her shoes, go potty (although we get to come in for the super fun wiping part), and most importantly entertain herself!

Sadie LOVES.....
-to talk ALL the time....
-gymnastics class
-music still and is taking her second music class.  She looks forward to it every week!
-to read still.  She will literally sit forever just "reading" through books.
-to do art. Painting is her favorite. She also likes to color and use do-a-dots.
-to sing to herself when she wakes up.
-to eat snacks out of ziplock bags
-pretending to be a mom....she nurses her babies and rocks them to sleep. 
-to sleep with a million stuffed animals and baby dolls
-to do things all by herself
-watching the movie Madeline when she is sick....we seriously know every line
-to help her sister smile for pictures...she pretends to snap her fingers and says "eyah, eyah"

Current favorite words/sayings:
-while reading books before bed she said "pick nose mommy" and handed me a booger....usually she eats them :(

-while putting on her shoes I was singing "one shoe, two shoe, red shoe, blue shoe" and she said "no black! Silly mommy!"

-any time you say you're welcome Sadie, you're so sweet Sadie, you're so cute Sadie etc. she says no I'm two!!! And holds up four fingers....

-any time we find a toy in the wrong place she says "silly daddy"!

-the other day, daddy said he had a strawberry with her name on it in the kitchen....that expression went right over her head and she was SO upset that the strawberry didn't actually have her name on it

-whenever she doesn't know the exact name/difference between things she says "other"....the neighbor's down the street have two dogs and one is named Sadie calls them "Lilly" and "Other Lilly"

-whenever she is "disciplining" the dog or her sister she says "lissen me" and gets right in their face

-whenever you tell her something exciting she says "oh tank you mommy" 

-she always talks with her hands and so much's like a window into her teenage years!

-her new thing is missing people so she likes to say all the people she misses...the other morning she said she missed daddy and I said he missed her too and she says" no daddy missed me yesterday"


  1. oh my gosh, your babies are stunningly gorgeous!!!