Monday, April 26, 2010

Honorary Wedding Party Member of the Week

This week we would like to introduce a special part to our wedding, one of my many beautiful sisters: Rachel!

Rachel is a sophomore in high school and will be sharing her beautiful voice with all of our guests at the ceremony. This voice has taken her across the country, and she is hoping to sing the national anthem at an Angel game while she’s out this summer (fingers crossed, Rach!). She consistently takes part in her high school’s plays and also loves singing at church on occasion.

Rachel is one of the most talented people I know. Between her and Andy we are certainly blessed with some amazing talent in our wedding! Rachel can play the piano, snowboard, snow ski, and is an equestrian as well. She serves on the student council as the class secretary and is interested in clubs such as National Honor Society. I guess being well-rounded and staying busy is the best way to live life in podunk Westcliffe, CO, the city where my folks hijacked Rachel and the dogs after I moved from TN to go to college in California!

Thank you, Rachel for singing at our wedding! We can’t wait to hear you sing, and don’t forget to keep the song a secret!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Before we get to the Grand Finale of the wedding party we would like to introduce a couple very special people who are "honorary" members of our wedding party.

This week we could not be more excited to introduce.....


Cameron is my baby, baby brother. I was practically a full grown woman by the time this child popped out! He was quite the surprise (and quite the birth control for a 13 year old). I must admit when I found out I was getting another brother, I was devastated. However, I could not feel more blessed to call Cameron my brother and I would never, ever change either of my brothers for anything in this entire world.

It took me awhile to come to terms with not having a sister....

Cameron is currently in fifth grade and doing his very best to get that 4.0 he has been working towards. Cameron is an awesome surfer and of course rocks at baseball. And for those of you who know Cameron well, his other daily job is to remain in one piece. He is probably the most accident prone kid, um ever. He has spent more time in ambulances and hospitals in his short little life than most people will in their entire lives. I must confess one of those times Cameron was officially "broken" was when I dropped him down the escalator at the San Diego Airport. Luckily, Cameron doesn't hold the two inch scar on his forehead against me (I mean after all chicks dig scars, right?) and he doesn't seem to have any permanent brain damage.

Seriously, Cameron is one of the most awesome kids you will ever meet (I keep trying to clone him for my own classroom). Not only is he adorable and smart, but he is a total crack-up. Although Cameron is not an "official" groomsmen, he does have the official job of walking my wonderful mother down the aisle and then (the part he is most excited about) he will be escorting a bridesmaid back down the aisle at the conclusion of the ceremony. When we asked Cameron who he wanted to walk with, he responded with "I am going to have to see pictures." I love that kid! Cameron has always kept the family on its toes, but the Joye family would not be complete without him, and our wedding would not be complete without him either!

Did I mention how cute he is???!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


WIshing a big congratulations to my wonderful parents! Happy 26 years!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Party Member of the Week #15

We are so thrilled to announce our final bridesmaid and this week's wedding party member:


Kathleen is my wonderful and fabulous cousin from my dad's side. We pretty much held down the Joye family grandchildren fort for most of our lives. Your welcome.

Although Kathleen is my cousin, she has always felt more like a sister to me, not only because of how close we have always been, but also because of our infamous sisterly fights. Luckily, now that I have grown, it is so apparent to me what a wonderful woman I was blessed enough to grow up with. Before I really get in to introducing Kathleen I must disclose some fun facts, I just can't resist. When we were growing up, Kathleen used to eat pretty much anything, including, but not limited to: gum off the street, jars of pickles, my bath toys, and any candy she could find. She was also the best spy buddy in the world, oh the things we discovered in our matching Ross outfits!

Well flash forward, just a few years, and you will find a very grown up young lady with the most precious family. Kathleen has been married to her adorable hubby Jeff for almost three years (I was the first of the west coast family to meet and approve of this boy, your welcome again). And do they have the cutest child on the planet!!! It is so special to see Kathleen as a mom, not just any mom, but a truly special mother (I'm taking notes!)!

I absolutely loved standing next to her when she said "I do" and I am so excited that Kathleen will be a part of our special day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

This speaks for itself....

For people with normal eyes who can't decipher the tiny picture.....THERE ARE 100 DAYS UNTIL OUR WEDDING!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

And so another holiday comes along in our little engaged life. We are so excited to spend our last major engaged holiday (well unless you count my birthday, or memorial day or fourth of July) with some wonderful family. Sadly Easter will bring the close of my Spring Break :( However, I must say after a week full of activities and wedding planning to the max I am pretty much dying for my regular routine. I am weird I know. Anyways to recap the week.....hold on to your hats folks:

Last weekend my girls had their final cheerleading competition, NATIONALS! They placed third out of 27 teams in their division, just .5 points away from first. It was super exciting and I could not be more proud of those girls. It was quite the exhausting and draining weekend, they were the first team in their division to perform in prelims on Saturday (7:50 am yikes) and then the finalists weren't announced until 4pm. And then of course we had to do it all over again on Sunday! It was a great way to wrap up the season and thank the Lord my nights and weekends are finally FREE!!!

Also last weekend, we received our second round of engagement pictures, which I know I already mentioned, but I just had to mention them again because we love them! And finally over the weekend, Justin and I purchased our first furniture pieces!! We were driving through Orange when I saw a very "professional" handwritten sign offering furniture 70% off. Yes it was a tad shady, but I like to think of it as fate. Anyways after a little wheeling and dealing we bought a brand new couch (with an ottoman) and kitchen table for practically nothing! We can't wait to put them in our apartment....which of course highlights our next order of business, find a place to actually put this stuff, as in an apartment. Although, Justin is pretty sure he can create a sort of shelter with this new furniture, so an apartment may not be necessary after all!

Monday, Justin was able to take off of work (sort of) and we spent the day at the beach camping with my family and then went to a ducks game. Very relaxing, minus the blistering sunburn we both received....oops

Fast forward to Thursday, aka wedding planning central. Me, my mom and my super talented and fabulous friend Jenna went to pick out all of the supplies for the invitations Jenna designed for the wedding. I swear that paper store was like a time warp, we were lost in there for hours! However, we emerged in one piece with all the goodies we need to put together some beautiful invitations. Then, me and my mom met up with Justin and the potential DJ for some dinner. My mom recommended this DJ after seeing some of his awesome moves at Wilson Creek. He was super nice and had some great ideas (plus how can you not trust your own mom!) so we hired him! We know he will keep the party rockin all night!

Hmmmm as I type this it definitely does not sound as overwhelming and overstimulating as it feels. Of course, I didn't put in everything I did (like meeting with my fab snookums to plan the shower and bacholrette party, or all my internet shopping for small wedding items), but I think I have bored you enough! I do hope you are still reading though so I can tell you one more time, Happy Easter!!! Thank you Jesus!!