Saturday, December 20, 2014

12-15 MONTHS

**I waited to post this update because it had some important information that was not yet released and then we got busy and now I am covering three months in one post, oops :)

Weight: According to the doctor's she is still right about 17 lbs and 2 ounces (still pretty close to that at 15 months since she is always moving!)

Height: She screamed the entire time at the doctor's so they measured her twice...she is about 28 inches (this is probably pretty close too, but maybe another inch?)

Nicknames: Mostly pumpkin and puppet (by daddy) (same!)

Eating: Well we got some unexpected news this fact Sadie was the first one to get suspicious.  She started acting really fussy while nursing and she even bit me a couple of times which is very unlike her.  Well it turns out, she knew she was sharing her milk with her future sibling and she wasn't happy about it :)  So per doctor's orders, we started weaning her quickly.  It actually went much better than I thought it would, especially since I was not planning to wean her any time soon.  Dropping the night feedings were toughest, but within just a few days, we were down to just one early morning feeding.  That feeding is still going on, but hopefully we can get rid of that one soon. She has taken my frozen milk in her sippy cup like a champ so we haven't started actual milk yet, but my freezer stash is dwindling quickly. Now Sadie pretty much eats anything and everything you give her.  So far she has had (this month in italics): avocado, sweet potato, green beans, squash, pears, carrots, cucumber, apple, bananas, nectarines, watermelon, blueberries, oatmealcelery, peas, bell pepper, broccoli, chicken, brown rice, plums, mango, greek yogurt, figs, apricots, plumcots, artichoke, and a small taste of my banana slurpee on 7-11, pumpkin, toast, ground beef, string cheese, spaghetti noodles, steak, hmmm pretty much everything we eat now....and ummm this girl puts it away! She loves her food! (She eats so much! She gets picky occasionally, especially when she would rather have what is on your plate, but overall a great eater.)

Sleeping: Now that I am not nursing Sadie, she is sleeping all night long! What?!! Seriously! Every once in awhile she will have an off night and there were a couple of rough nights when she really wanted to nurse, but for the most part we have been living in dream land.  She goes down at about 9pm, a little later than before, but she actually does much better now.  She sleeps until about 5-7am and then she will nurse (hopefully soon this will be gone too!).  She will usually go back to asleep until about 7:30 or 8am.  Naps are still hit or miss, but now that we are sleeping at night, I don't even care :) (Sleep has been all over the place.  She has gotten almost five teeth since her first birthday!! She also had two colds.  She sleeps great most nights, just in our bed...)

Diapers/Clothes: Size 3 diapers.  Clothing is mostly 9 month, with some 6 month mixed in. <-----same! (same!)

Social: Daddy went back to work and mommy got hit with morning sickness, so we haven't been on quite as many adventures lately.  Sadie can now wave and clap though! She also took her first steps this a boy of course! (see list below!)

At 15 months Sadie is....
-full on walking/runnning, she never even crawls anymore :(
-saying "kitty", "mama", "dada", some form of dog... and "bubbles"
-dancing and loving music (favorite songs are Frozen and the new Brad Paisley album)
-pointing at everything
-pulling things out of everything
-eating a horse...literally, ok not literally, but this girl puts food away
-loving disciplining the dogs :)
-saying "meow"and "moo".  She does this for any animal that she sees....
-able to find airplanes in the sky when she hears them
-helping to unload the dishwasher #gamechanger
-going up and down stairs and steps like a pro
-loving picking out her favorite books, carrying them to you and sitting on your lap to read them
-able to follow other simple commands (get mommy a diaper, hand that to daddy, 
-able to throw things away in the trash and "no")
-kicking soccer balls
-hitting balls with her clubs, although she prefers carrying her golf bag around with her wherever she goes
-playing hide and seek
-loving picking out her own outfits, you better not forget shoes or a bow or she will let you know!
-giving kisses and blowing kisses
-able to recognize what "hot" means....she blows into her hands 
-loving hanging out with older kids, she wants to be big so bad
-fake coughing and fake laughing when other people are laughing
-loving going to a little indoor play place by our house.  She runs around with the biggest smile on her face the entire time we are there.
-able to point to her nose, eyes, mouth and toes most of the time when asked :)
cousin time at the wild animal park

celebrating our cousin's wedding with airplanes!

our favorite park

Child' Play!


I mean this face....

more fun at the wild animal park

watching daddy play soccer at Chapman!


charger girl

birthday girl

hanging out in the garage

she had a short obsession with her nose...that is mostly over with thank goodness

celebrating our favorite one year old!

dancing diva and her daddy



one of her outfit choices


Best Moment: I got to see you for a few seconds this week during my cervical check.  We listened and measured your heartbeat.  My cervix is still measuring how it should, so that is good!

Baby News: You are starting to look like a mini newborn! You have lips, eyelids, eyebrows and you are even forming tiny tooth buds under your gums (after going through this teething business with your sister, I hope all your teeth come in before you're born!).  You are so close to being the length of a ruler and weighing one pound!

Symptoms: The acid reflux/heartburn has started.  Ugh it isn't too bad yet, mostly just annoying, but I am worried that it is already here.  I have started having some lower back pain, I think from laying in weird positions.  Also, major insomnia right now.  I don't know if that is a baby thing, a 3 people + cat in a queen bed thing, or too many naps during the week, but it sucks.  The other day I literally just laid in bed for like 2 straight hours, it was brutal!

Weight: According to the doctor this week, I have gained about 2 pounds in the last two weeks.  Yikes!

Movement: Yes! I really only notice when I am laying down or sitting still....which is not very often with a one year old.  

Sleep: I guess I pretty much covered this earlier....

Cravings/aversions/eating: Still need my ice water! Nothing really exciting in this category, maybe baby #2 is going to be more easy going :)

Workouts: Trying to sneak in walks to the park in between the rain storms we have been having.  Also, I did quite a bit of cleaning to get ready for a family visit from the in-laws.

Clothes: I must admit that I have been dressing pretty awful.  I guess you could say I have been going for comfort? Lots of hoodies and stretchy pants.  It is so much easier to hide you are pregnant in the winter.  The problem is, I am not really trying to hide it and I just feel fat. 

Other News: It is Christmas this week!!!! I have never been pregnant on Christmas before, so I am excited to celebrate with the family.   

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Best Moment: We had our first appointment with the high-risk doctor this week.  We just love her (same one we had with Sadie)! We had a full anatomy scan including an "echo" on your sweet little heart.  You are still a girl (sorry daddy!) and the ultrasound tech said you were so cooperative and photogenic...very unlike your sister :)

Baby News: You are weighing in at about 13 ounces according to the doc and your bone marrow is developing enough to contribute to blood cell formation.  Your digestive system is able to absorb water and small amounts of sugar.  You are also growing eyebrows, fingernails and eyelashes.

Symptoms: My morning sickness is pretty much gone.  Yay! I still have many days with an awful taste in my mouth, but overall so much better than before! Also feeling tired, but I'm not sure who to blame that one on...And I've been a bit hormonal lately...I may or may not have cried over ordering Christmas cards.

Weight: According to the doctor this week, I have gained about 10 lbs. I think.  I keep forgetting what I am considering my starting weight.

Movement: Yes! I really only notice when I am laying down or sitting still....which is not very often with a one year old.  

Sleep: Sleep has been rough for our household.  Sadie got a cold, then we both got it and then Sadie got it's been a long couple of weeks.  I can get pretty comfortable now with a pillow in between my legs, but I am often pushed to the very edge of the bed with a cat sometimes nestled in there....

Cravings/aversions/eating: Still need my ice water! Other than that I feel like I am relatively normal this time around.  Sweets have been extra appealing, but it doesn't feel quite as out of the ordinary since I craved sweets majorly while nursing.

Workouts: Not much lately since we have all been down for the count :(

Clothes: Still just working with what I got :)  I have busted out my maternity jeans a few times and switched over to a few regular t-shirts that I stretched out with Sadie.

Other News: Our first appointment with the specialist went well.  All the organs and bones looked great.  She even has all three vessels in her umbilical cord! Of course she couldn't let her sister have all the fun...we did find out that my placenta is a little too low.  I was put on pelvic rest and will have to go see the doctor every two weeks to check up on everything.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Best Moment: Getting to hear your heartbeat at the doctor's is always awesome!

Baby News: You are the size of an avocado (your sister's favorite!!!) and you are preparing for a huge growth spurt! You have started to grow toenails and it sounds like you are going potty even more often than me :)

Symptoms: Still nauseous most days.  Tired, but not sure who to blame for that one :)  And my baby brain is officially back (although some may argue it never actually went away).  I unloaded dirty dishes right after I loaded them the other night....

Weight: According to the doctor yesterday, I have gained a total of about 5 pounds.  

Movement: I'm sure I feel a little something every day.  It is hard to adjust to the frequency since it was only a year ago that I was doing kick counts.  It feels strange to just feel a little something every now and then.  

Sleep: Still not really sleeping.  It is so hard to get comfortable and sharing the bed with a wild child, a cat and a snoring hubby (love you!) is just not peaceful.  I have started putting a pillow between my legs which is nice.

Cravings/aversions/eating: Food is starting to sound a little better.  Still got to have my ice water.   I have also had a few pickles this week and my mouth waters every time I see a McDonald's commercial for an egg mcmuffin.....what is wrong with me?!

Workouts: Sadie has needed some major outside time.  We took some long walks to the park last week.

Clothes: Living in my leggings and t-shirts.  It is starting to get cooler, so we will see how I can stretch out my normal wardrobe (pun intended).

Other News: Yesterday was a really stressful day for our family.  We needed to make some medical decisions and it was open enrollment for our health insurance.  God totally provided and we are super thankful.  We also decided we will find out the gender of this sweet baby on Thanksgiving (two more weeks)! Such a perfect time!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

0-15 WEEKS

***Dear Baby #2, I'm sorry that you have been a part of this family for 15ish weeks and we are just getting around to documenting your sweet presence.  We think about you and talk about you every day, but it is much harder to make it internet official with your busy little sister and morning sickness *ahem....We promise to always try our best to make you feel as special as you are!***

Best Moment: We had a great doctor's appointment this week.  The hubby took the day off and we got to hear your little heartbeat and then we went on a date to the movies! Score! And of course there was this adorableness....

Baby News: We are officially in the second trimester! You can now make funny faces, go potty and even suck your thumb (although try not to get in the habit of that, braces are expensive!).  You are about the size of a lemon and your dad says your hand is about the size of a fingernail.  So sweet! (Is it bad that I am copying and pasting this....sorry second child!)

Symptoms: oh this baby has been so naughty! I have been so sick since pretty much the moment I peed on a 9 weeks and counting...

Weight: I started this pregnancy with a few extra pounds I was carrying around from nursing, but I would say I have added about 2-3 pounds.

Movement: I swear I have felt a few things here and there, which I guess is possible, but it still feels weird this early!

Sleep: Baby #2 doesn't get all the blame on this #1 thinks our bed is the coolest so between her tossing and turning, nausea, and potty breaks I am pretty much not sleeping...

Cravings/aversions/eating: Pretty much the only thing that sounds good is ice cold water.  I have always loved my water, but it is now imperative the water is ICE cold.  High maintenance much?! As far as aversions....mainly food, all of it.  Specifically, cookie butter ice cream which I discovered days before my pee test and loved, but now makes me want to vomit.  Ice cream. What is wrong with this child!

Workouts: Just you know chasing a one year old around.  

Clothes: My body is clearly very proud of itself that it remembers exactly what to do.  My belly is already huge! I've still been wearing all my regular clothes, but I have busted out my belly bands.  I've also had to retire a few shirts that clearly shrunk :)

Other News: Sadie started full on walking this week.  So cute and so exciting! And we are literally on pins and needles waiting to see if you are a boy or a girl!!! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

So this happened.....

Surprise! Baby #2 is on his/her way! And that plus a one year old equals zero blog time...sorry mom!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eleven Months

almost 1!!

Weight: According to our home scale....17.2 lbs

Height: I'm thinking about 27 wiggle worm is pretty much impossible to measure :)

Nicknames: Mostly pumpkin and occasionally daddy enjoys calling her butthead....said with lots of love of course :)  
loves her yogurt

Eating: Sadie is pretty much eating three meals a day now.  She nurses every 3-4 hours during the day and it's an all-you-can-eat buffet at night :) So far she has had (this month in italics): avocado, sweet potato, green beans, squash, pears, carrots, cucumber, apple, bananas, nectarines, watermelon, blueberries, oatmealcelery, peas, bell pepper, broccoli, chicken, brown rice, plums, mango, greek yogurt, figs, apricots, plumcots, artichoke, and a small taste of my banana slurpee on 7-11.  
and her avocado
first time trying corn on the cob
Sleeping: This was a really rough month for Sadie.  She kicked it off with a really, really bad cold that led to her first two teeth! So sleeping was pretty much not happening for those two weeks. And then we went on vacation for two weeks....So pretty much a month of awful sleep :(  She did nap great on vacation.  She actually fell asleep anywhere and everywhere! She slept on the plane, on the train, in the ergo and lots of great naps in the stroller (in fact we enjoyed quite a few meals with a sleeping baby!).  So nights were rough, but days were sweet.  Now that we are home, Sadie has taken two naps in her crib! It's a miracle :)
too much vacation 
this girl loves her swing
Diapers/Clothes: Size 3 diapers.  Clothing is mostly 9 month, with some 6 month mixed in.  
always standing...

naughty face
Social: celebrated first fourth of July. went to an aquarium. went to another Angel game. had a play date with all of mommy's coworkers from college. rode on her first carousel. spent the night at Grams and Gramps. played at the park and visited with her great grandparents.  helped us host another garage sale. celebrated mommy and daddy's anniversary.  had a picnic.  visited Uncle Kyle. traveled to Arizona.  went to a baseball game inside.  played at a water park. flew on another airplane. went to Seattle. toured the home of the 2014 Super Bowl champions. traveled on a train. went on a ferry. met lots of new friends. started cruising all over the place.
first 4th of July

train ride
celebrating our anniversary
Likes: her daddy, visiting new places, meeting new people (as long as they just look at her), playing in the pool (or any form of water), talking, cruising around, crawling really fast to things she shouldn't, eating, banging on things, her grandma, BOYS.
carousel ride

bubble bath

watching the waves

she loves to flip herself around and grab all the groceries :)

getting into trouble on the porch
Dislikes: getting things taken away (especially if it is dangerous), getting her diaper changed, riding in the car when it's dark and no one is sitting with her, being put to sleep (ain't nobody got time for that), waiting for food.
being silly in Target

silly girl
Mommy: feeling mixed emotions about a new school year starting....this is the first time in over twenty years I won't be going "back to school"! Also feeling sad that my partner in crime is back to work :(  My mom and I are having too much fun planning Sadie's first birthday! I feel like it's our wedding all over again :)
touring the Seahawk's stadium

Daddy: Back to school :( 
we love our daddy!
Furbabies: We missed them so much on our vacations.  Is it weird we talked about them the whole time?? Or is it weird that we missed the dogs most at meal time when we had to actually clean up the floor?? Still working on "gentle" for poor Dunphy.  Chesney still loves giving kisses and is now so freaked out by Sadie charging with her walker. 

What we are looking forward to:  Ummm the birthday bash of the century! I feel like I am planning my wedding again :)
anniversary celebration

first fourth of July

fun at Tom's Farms

hanging with grandma

lunch with Uncle Kyle

anniversary dinner

wedding dates

aquarium visit

ducks/angels play date!

beach day

love these friends!

plane ride
look at those skinny legs!

family selfie

train ride

not too sure about the train

now she is a train pro

always moving!

so silly

high five!