Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Best Moment: Getting to hear your heartbeat at the doctor's is always awesome!

Baby News: You are the size of an avocado (your sister's favorite!!!) and you are preparing for a huge growth spurt! You have started to grow toenails and it sounds like you are going potty even more often than me :)

Symptoms: Still nauseous most days.  Tired, but not sure who to blame for that one :)  And my baby brain is officially back (although some may argue it never actually went away).  I unloaded dirty dishes right after I loaded them the other night....

Weight: According to the doctor yesterday, I have gained a total of about 5 pounds.  

Movement: I'm sure I feel a little something every day.  It is hard to adjust to the frequency since it was only a year ago that I was doing kick counts.  It feels strange to just feel a little something every now and then.  

Sleep: Still not really sleeping.  It is so hard to get comfortable and sharing the bed with a wild child, a cat and a snoring hubby (love you!) is just not peaceful.  I have started putting a pillow between my legs which is nice.

Cravings/aversions/eating: Food is starting to sound a little better.  Still got to have my ice water.   I have also had a few pickles this week and my mouth waters every time I see a McDonald's commercial for an egg mcmuffin.....what is wrong with me?!

Workouts: Sadie has needed some major outside time.  We took some long walks to the park last week.

Clothes: Living in my leggings and t-shirts.  It is starting to get cooler, so we will see how I can stretch out my normal wardrobe (pun intended).

Other News: Yesterday was a really stressful day for our family.  We needed to make some medical decisions and it was open enrollment for our health insurance.  God totally provided and we are super thankful.  We also decided we will find out the gender of this sweet baby on Thanksgiving (two more weeks)! Such a perfect time!

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  1. You look fantastic! I miss my bump some days and all that moving around in my tummy!!!