Monday, February 23, 2015

27-30 WEEKS

this actually a little closer to 31 weeks, but 30 weeks is just too exciting not to share

Best Moment: In the past 4 weeks we have had two doctors appointments.  The first one was not so much fun.  Sadie had to join me even though my mom tried to help (we waited almost an hour to see the doctor!).  I had to get my tDap (ouch!) and Sadie was not a huge fan of the heartbeat monitor.  She screamed for me the entire time and they couldn't find the heartbeat.  They were about to pull out the ultrasound, but luckily they found it right before.  The second appointment was much better! Everything looked great and baby girl looked so sweet!

Baby News: You are weighing in at 3lbs 10 oz. which puts you in the 64th percentile.  Just a little bigger than your sister was!

Symptoms: Oh boy where to start....definitely emotional (such a nice way to put it right?!).  Lots and lots of heartburn.  I also came down with the stomach flu...not exactly a symptom, but it was brutal.  Baby girl is still breech so I feel like my lungs are a pillow and my ummm woman parts are a punching (kicking??) bag.  I also had my first panic/anxiety attack.  Not so much fun.  Now I am really careful about not letting myself get too warm since that seems to be the main trigger (thank you magnesium, I hate you!).  Sorry hubby for freezing you out! Never thought that day would come :)  And finally I definitely have contractions every day.  They are painless and I don't have more than four in an hour so the doctors aren't worried.  I guess my uterus is just exercising!

Weight: I'm right around 134 which is about 5lbs more than I was with Sadie at this point, but I also started about 5lbs bigger before I got pregnant.

Movement: Yes! I mostly feel her at night since the days are so busy.  Sometimes it is actually really painful.  I will yell out and make the hubster jump, sorry :)

Sleep: Sleeping is still average.  

Cravings/aversions/eating: Oh diabetes, we meet again.  I failed my one hour test and decided to skip the three hour test.  I had a lot of supplies left since Sadie was so early, but realized that most of it was expired.  So anyways I am back to the diet and poking my finger (ugh!!). I have been a little more experimental this time around.  I am trying to just eat my normal stuff for the most part and my numbers have been fine so far...knock on wood.

Workouts: Walks to the park and chasing a toddler around including up and down the stairs all day long...

Clothes: Still a mixture of regular and maternity.  My regular shirts may or may not be showing my tummy now.  And clothes shopping should be outlawed for pregnant women.  I might have gotten stuck in a few dresses while shopping for a maternity picture dress :(

Other News: Umm we are quickly approaching the time period when Sadie decided to enter the world.    To think we could have a baby in about 3 weeks is terrifying! Luckily, we got our maternity pictures out of the way without my water breaking :)  Now if we can make it to our Baby-Q that would be perfect!