Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Five Lessons from the Whole30

We did it!!! One of our resolutions this year was to complete a challenge every month.  For the month of April, we decided to complete the Whole30 Challenge.  If you haven't heard of this challenge, it is, in simplest terms, an experiment to adjust your diet to most benefit your health and body. For 30 days you remove all food that can cause problems for your body (wheat, legumes, dairy, sugar etc.).  After the 30 days you can slowly add things back in to your diet to find your specific triggers. It was so hard, but extremely interesting! I really recommend everyone try it, but before you do, I compiled a list of five things I think you should know BEFORE you start:

1. Reading the book (It Starts With Food or Whole30) is really important. The book is not only super informative, but it will serve as your motivation during the really tough moments.  My husband didn't read the book, and he struggled a lot more with the why questions.  Our society has brainwashed us by claiming so many foods are healthy that are really not all that healthy.  It is hard eliminating foods when you don't completely understand the reasoning behind it. Plus reading is always a good idea!
this book is a great resource
2. You might feel like you are dying. In the book they give you a day by day outline of how you might feel as your body adjusts to your lifestyle changes.  They call it the "carb flu" and say you won't feel very great for the first few guys that is the understatement of the year! I really thought I might die.  I felt absolutely horrible and I would have quit altogether if it wasn't for some supportive people in my life.  My husband didn't feel as bad, so I have a feeling my hormones were to blame, but be prepared because you might get lucky like me.
halfway and feeling much better
3. You spend all your time in the kitchen or at the grocery store. Eating healthy and clean is a lot of work. A LOT. Your kitchen will be a constant disaster and the checkers at the grocery store will know you by name. I did a lot of my shopping and prep on Sundays, but there were still times I had to drag my kids to the store or stay up cleaning the kitchen until 11pm.  You guys the food is a lot of work but it is SO good!
I will never buy mayonnaise again
4. You spend a lot of money. This one goes hand in hand with #3, obviously if you are at the store all the time you are spending money.  You do save money by not eating out, but we still spent a lot more on our monthly food budget then we ever have before. Your diet consists of a lot of meat, good quality meat, and that isn't cheap! Costco has some great options, but it's still going to be hard on your wallet.  Just think of all the money you will be saving from doctors visits and prescriptions you won't need though!
the food is delicious!
5. Brushing your teeth really helps. By far the hardest time of day for me was after dinner.  The husband and I almost always share some treat together, it's our thing.  After dinner snacks, even healthy ones, are not recommended on the Whole30.  I started brushing my teeth right after dinner and it really helped! Some people also recommend sipping on tea, but I'm not a huge fan.  Also when I felt nauseous in those early days, I brushed my teeth a few times a day since gum isn't allowed either.

I really hope these tips help you and you will consider taking on the Whole30 challenge! Let me know if you do and I would be happy to answer any questions that you have :)

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  1. I really hope these tips help you and you will consider taking on the Whole30 challenge! Let me know if you do and I would be happy to answer any questions that you have :)