Saturday, July 19, 2014

Four Year Anniversary


Yesterday we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary! It is so crazy how time flies, especially now with a little one around.  We had to extend the celebration to two days while our babysitter (aka grandma) was in town.  We went out for a yummy dinner without our little pumpkin and it was wonderful.  Although I noticed the longer we go between date nights, the longer the car ride is home. I just can't wait to get to that sweet thing!
sleep deprivation looks good on you hubby!
On our actual anniversary, we took Sadie to the lawn we were married on.  We had a picnic and took some pictures.  It was a perfect day!
She loved it as much as we still do!
For those of you who follow traditional gifts, year four is fruit or flowers.  Kind of tough for a man! As I noted earlier, date nights have been tough to plan with our new family member :) I have had a lot of success with long-term menu planning so, I decided to plan out dates for the entire next year (what was I thinking?!!).  It was a lot of work (especially for my sleep deprived brain), but it turned out really nice! I chose a different fruit for each month.  I tried to pick a seasonal fruit that correlated to each month.  Once I had my fruits, it was time to plan some dates.  I did four dates for each month, some of them were stay-at-home dates, some included Sadie and some were things we have never done before.  Annnnddd some were really creative! You try and think of four dates that involve cranberries :) We are both excited to have a year full of already planned dates!

All of the envelopes to open! 

Orange was the hubster's favorite