Monday, May 24, 2010

A Special Thank You...

....goes out to everyone who made Brittany's bridal shower yesterday a huge success! This was part one of her bridal shower blitz, built for friends (although some family made it out...). I'm sure Brittany will blog all about it next time, but the groom would like to send a few special shout-out thank yous to the following people:
1) Heather for organizing, planning, and fronting all the dough for this awesome shower. Sure it may be in the job description of the maid of honor and bridesmaids to plan this thing, but you did a terrific job!
2) Britt's family for hosting it and opening up their home to a massive celebration. Also for Jeff taking me golfing for probably one of the weirdest sides of golf ever. A seven-some, are you kidding me right now???!!!
3) Aunt Jamie and Kathleen for making the trek ACROSS THE COUNTRY to be here. It was so special to have you here for this, not to mention all the help you gave!
4) All of Brittany's friends for making the hour-plus drive from either San Diego, Orange County, or LA to spend a few good hours in support of the bride.
5) Everyone for their gifts! Not gonna pick any favorites so-as not to hurt any feelings, but my favorite is almost not even fair; again Brittany will have to fill you in later with her awesome blogness.

Thanks again, and God Bless!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


from this moment Justin and I will be sharing our first dance as husband and wife! Is there a fast forward button? Or maybe a rewind button? Life can be so conflicting sometimes. On one hand I want time to go faster and faster so the wedding can get here and we can finally be married. On the other hand, I want life to go in slow motion. It is hard to believe we have been planning this wedding for almost a year now (well for Justin, for me its been going on 24 years). Planning mode for me has been in serious halt mode thanks to the phenomenon called "the end of the year." Luckily, I only have six days of school left until my summer vacation!! And even more luckily I am so blessed to have a family and a fiance who have totally stepped up to the plate on the planning front. My mom, aunt, moh, and fabulous friend Jenna had an invitation making party a few weeks back and my mom has continued the party on her own for the last couple weeks so we can send these things out on time. I can't wait to mail the invitations a) so everyone can see them b) so I can quit losing sleep over them sitting on our kitchen counter with a puppy and 11 year old waiting in the wings. Justin has also been fantastic, quite the little wedding planning machine! He has been working out a finalized contract with the DJ, finding a getaway car (for the wedding, we aren't that poor people!), and sorting out schedules to meet with the pastor. Annnnd he is keeping his groomsman on a very organized schedule with individualized to-do lists. Isn't he cute?! Pretty much my only accomplishment in the past few weeks is finding my rehearsal dinner dress. However, I did go shopping with my beautiful Mother of the Bride for her dress. We think we found one too! Things are moving along and major planning mode commences in T-6 days! Get excited people!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wedding Party Member of the...MONTH?

Well our fellow blog-followers, I have been a master procrastinator all my life, so why stop now? Oh I know, maybe because I’m getting married? Well I guess I’m trying to get all my procrastination out of the way before the big day so that Brittany has a better husband when that day comes. Anyways, we talked about having our best man and maid of honor be wedding party members of the MONTH, because they are that awesome. However, my best man will have to settle with being Wedding Party Member of the Half-Month, due to my procrastination skills. So without any further ado the best man is…

Kevin Markham! There was never really a doubt in my mind who the best man in my wedding would be. Even though we grew up nearly 2000 miles apart and are five and a half years apart in age, we managed to maintain a close friendship, a true friendship in my eyes, a friendship so strong that even through some ups and downs we managed to come back together to make some great memories. Even though our time spent together was limited to Summer and holiday vacations, the number of Justin, Kevin, and Dad (Shaney, haha) stories is countless. From Kevin driving a car back from the mechanic at like age 13, to playing Ken Griffey Jr. baseball for hours on end (birthplace to Kev Dog, Just Man, and Cool Daddy), we really have had some great memories.

Kevin and I share tons of similar interests and hobbies. First of all, we love our significant others (Kevin and Ruthanne are great together!). We are both die hard sports fanatics. We disagree on some things (Lakers and soccer), but the important things (Angels and Ducks) are spot on. I can’t possibly forget our love for golf! We also work for the City of Irvine, although Kevin makes a bit more than I do :) .

Kevin is a terrific friend, and an even better man. He’s one of those true good guys. We all have our faults, but he has always been one to be proud of who he is, because that’s the way God made him. I am so proud to have Kevin in the wedding, and even more stoked that he agreed to be my best man. Kevin, thanks for being a great friend, and always being there for me no matter what, even when I was being a bratty little kid! You’re the best, dude!

If you want to see a lot of pictures, you’ll have to wait til next month when Brittany busts out her maid of honor blog. Kevin and I are extremely photogenic…. ;) …. but at the end of the day, we’re still guys, so we don’t have many pictures together. Brittany, on the other hand, will blow you away next month, so stay tuned. In the meantime, get ready for some exciting wedding news as there is some rehearsal dinner plans and other fun stuff in the works…until next time, thanks for reading, and GOD BLESS!


We have been feeling so unbelievably blessed lately. This post was originally supposed to be written about two weeks ago, but by the glory of God the blessings have remained constant (and life has been a tad hectic) so the blog was continually put off. May is always a wonderful month for me because its my birthday month!!!! However this year I was able to add in Teacher Appreciation Week and some wedding love. My birthday was very nice and my entire family, as usual, did a great job making me feel blessed and loved. Justin didn't do too bad either making my first and only engaged birthday unforgettable. We went to Sea World and ate at the restaurant we are hoping to host the rehearsal dinner at. It was very yummy, although a little crazy since of course my birthday falls two days before Cinco De Mayo and we ate at a mexican restaurant....Anyways I loved my birthday and can't believe on my next one I will be married!!

My birthday also happened to fall on the Monday of Teacher Appreciation Week. My students did a great job of making me feel appreciated, although I did receive quite a bit of joint gifts :) Whoever invented teacher appreciation was first of all a genius, but also brilliant for placing it strategically at the time of year where most teachers are ready to rip their hair out :)

Last, but certainly not least, the most wonderful group of ladies in my mom and I's weekly bible study threw me a surprise shower! Not only have I never felt more special, but I have never been more surprised. Those who know me well, know that it is almost impossible to surprise me. I seem to have some sort of sixth sense, Justin calls it a curse. Anyways they brought me flowers, my most favorite cupcakes (funfetti!!!) and some truly special gifts. One of my favorites being a nightly couple's devotional to read together before bed. However, since I was so shocked and surprised I didn't even think of taking a picture to remember such a special night, so I had to settle for this.....

I promise we will have an update soon, possibly at the two month mark (which is two days away ahhhh!!!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

We would like to send out a very special happy mother's day to all the moms in our lives. Thank you for not only bringing us in to this world, but putting up with us while we are here :) We love you all very much!!