Pinterest Projects

Who does not love pinterest?! I am a self-diagnosed pinterest addict. Unfortunately, I find I spend more time on pinterest then actually living out my imaginary pinterest life.  However, here are a few pinterest inspired projects that I have completed.

My Christmas tree skirt.  

Love my door wreath! 

These shelves used to be cream and were actually from my bedroom growing up.  I painted them after I found this beautiful mirror at Hobby Lobby (aka heaven on earth) for $5 on clearance!  These shelves actually have things on them now, but I don't have a picture for that so use your imagination :)

My wedding keepsake.  This shadow box has my veil and my garter.  It also has our ceremony program, cake topper and place cards.

Date Bucket

One wall of my laundry room.
The other wall of my laundry room.  Does anyone know how to make a washer and dryer work without those ugly cords?! They really don't go with my vision.

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