Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Three Months

***Ellasyn my sweet girl....tomorrow you turn four months old and I am just now doing your three month post.  You and your sister clearly keep us very busy! I wouldn't trade any of your snuggles for a blog post though :)

3 months

Weight: I put down 12.5 lbs on the board update, but no doctors appointment this past month.  That may have been a little generous :)

Height: Again a guess, but I think about 22.5 or 23 inches!

Nicknames: Ella Bella, Sister, Baby, Ellie, sweet girl, pumpkin, peanut

Eating: Ellasyn is a no nonsense eater.  She is done when she is done and she gulps it down as fast as she can.  Apparently her main goal is to practice her skills so she can overtake her sister ;)  Still eating about every two hours and then longer stretches at night still, thank goodness!

Sleeping: Ellasyn is still sleeping great at night....not looking forward to that four month sleep regression and transition out of the rock n' play.  I can tell she definitely prefers different sleep habits than her sister.  She wants to go to bed early! Unfortunately that doesn't exactly work with our schedule so we are doing our best to put her down as early as possible, usually by about 9.  She will then wake up anywhere from 2-6am, average is around 5am.  She will usually go right back to sleep, but not for long.  She also would prefer to get up early, but I'm trying my best to train her ;)  Her naps are mostly on the go.  They range anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.  Of course the average is about 30 minutes :)

Diapers: Still rocking the size one!  Most newborn clothing is packed away :(

Social: Ellasyn had a very, very busy month!  She went to her first baseball game (and was an adorable wing woman).  She went on her first vacation and to her first wedding.  She had brunch with her great grandparents and took her first bath with Sadie.  She went in the pool (loved it!) and celebrated her first 4th of July! She met her Auntie Rachel and went to her first birthday party.  Of course our road trip provided her with a ton of firsts and she did awesome! Well besides waking up to eat at the worst possible times (passing through downtown Oakland and Los Angeles)!!

Likes: Ellasyn loves being held.  She loves her sister and her daddy.  She loves the bath! She even likes tummy time because she swears she can crawl!  But her favorite thing of all has to be her hands :)

Dislikes: Mostly just car rides unless you time them just right! Besides the car she is pretty darn happy.  Occasionally she will get grouchy for food or sleep.

Mommy: We had so much fun this month! It was seriously amazing to have our whole family together.  Man to man coverage is much easier than 2 on 1.  I also really enjoyed planning our first real family vacation as a family of four.  Such great memories!

Daddy: We are so lucky to have our daddy! Ellasyn just loves him like crazy!

Furbabies: I'm pretty sure they still don't really know each other exists.  Someday soon Ellasyn will take an interest.  For now, Chesney just likes to give her kisses.

What we are looking forward to:  Just enjoying the rest of summer and checking more things off our list!
this girl rocks at tummy time

Christmas in July and Ella's first Angel game

Uncle Farand's wing woman

Peanut kisses!

Auntie Em

gearing these two up for some kiddos

great grandpa time!

hanging with great grandma

pooped from her first trip to the fair

bath time

3rd of July party

first time in the pool

hanging with Auntie Rachel

shampooed by her sister

And her big sister had to get in on the fun...

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