Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We are getting married?!!!!

We have a blog?!!! What is this nonsense! Seriously, its pretty sad just how MIA we (once again mostly me) have been to the wedding/blog world. My very own personal computer no longer was storing my login to the blog, yikes! I actually had to type in my information, I am a complete stranger to my own blog apparently. I hope all of our wonderful followers haven't totally given up on us because I promise we are going to do better! Consider it my March resolution :)

I promise (big word for me) we will have a new wedding party member of the week next Monday and for every other Monday after until we have finally introduced the whole fantastic group. The suspense has been making it more exciting though right?!

OK now for some updates.... honestly there aren't as many as you may think despite how long we have kept you all out of the loop (although I must say my other half did provide you all with some fabulous updates a few weeks ago). Consider how poor we have been at blogging and now imagine how planning has been....exactly it hasn't been at all.

Five months and counting....
We are officially less than five months away from the big day. We only have ONE premarital session left! I believe we are going to pass (fingers crossed) and then we will be able to check that big item off the master list. We have really enjoyed these sessions, and I would recommend every couple take some kind of growth or counseling class. We are learning a lot of great tools and more importantly we are learning a lot about each other (Justin has been shocked to find out that I am even more perfect than he original thought).

Engagement Pictures....
We have finally scheduled an official day to take a second round of engagement pictures....this Sunday! We are so excited to work with this fabulous up and coming photographer. I will be sure to post about that next week and hopefully give all of you a sneak peek :)

I seriously can't remember if I told you guys about my beautiful garter!!! I also don't know if I mentioned my nightmares (very plural) about forgetting a garter among other things on my wedding day. So I finally put those dreams to rest and my darling garter is sitting safe and sound somewhere around here :)

That is pretty much it for now...told you its pretty pathetic. What is even more pathetic is that I didn't even blog for Valentine's Day, my first and only engaged Valentine's day!! So pathetic!! Anyways we had a great day, although we didn't plan much since we were going to Brad Paisley in Las Vegas (we were there for my cheer competition). We did spend a beautiful day on the beach and we looked at wedding bands!! I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Have a great week and see you all back here on Monday for the much anticipated wedding party member of the week!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Greetings blog followers!

Fortunately for Andy (I think) he has been the WPMW for the past 3 weeks now! Unfortunately for us, we have been absolutely swamped and swallowed up by life recently. We have made several nice sized steps in the wedding planning:

-We found and bought the dresses for bridesmaids!
-We visited Men's Wearhouse, picked out a couple styles, and now know we will not be getting the tuxes through them, because they were unpleasant and rude....
-We decided on the menu for the reception!
-We decided on the flatware, napkins, and plates, and all that stuff! (sorry for the lack of official vocabulary...)
-We have booked our wedding night hotel!
-We have locked up some rooms for bridesmaids and groomsmen the night before and the night of the wedding!
And finally, my favorite part of the wedding so far:

The save the dates are out in the open with the web address of our wedding address! They are so sick, and I hope you enjoy them!

So needless to say, we have been very busy, and thought it necessary to give the blog a little break in regards to the WPMW. Anyways, we're running out of wedding party members, and there is still so much time left before the wedding (right?)!

Thank you for being patient, and I hope everyone is enjoying life and its blessings.

God bless.

Justin and Britt