Saturday, July 27, 2013


Best Moment: Officially kicking off the third trimester! The countdown is on baby girl :) 

Baby News: You are almost as tall as you will be when you are born! Apparently you are starting to run out of space in there, so your little jabs will not be so little anymore.  Your permanent teeth are also forming (please be straight!!!) and your wrinkly skin is starting to smooth out as you fatten up in there :)

Symptoms: Pretty much just emotional still.  I also have had some major fun :(

Weight: I have gained a total of 20-21lbs, which I noticed is completely average, but somehow still feel the guilt trip at the doctors.  What is their problem?!

Movement: Definitely!  I also finally recognized hiccups this week.  For awhile I have noticed that occasionally I will feel like a heart beat type thing going started to freak me out and after some *expert* advice via google I realized it is in fact hiccups! So cute! 

Sleep: Not so great this week thanks to insomnia.  I even had to resort to the tv this week, usually I just lay there or play on my phone.

Cravings/aversions/eating: Hmmm I am pretty much craving everything I am no longer allowed to have. Boo :( Since I am eating smaller meals more frequently, it is very dangerous to look at pinterest or watch tv in case I see something that might make me drool.  I do look forward to my bedtime snack which consists of 36 graham cracker bunnies, a tbsp. of peanut butter and a glass of milk.  Living large people!

Workouts: Lots of walking this week.  We also biked all the way around Coronado on our staycation this week.

Clothes: After failing to fit in to any of my jeans (even with the belly band!) for the Angel game, I purchased some maternity jeans. Right now it is too hot to wear them.  Hopefully, they still fit when another opportunity arises.

Other News: It has been a busy week! On Monday and Tuesday we went down to San Diego to celebrate our anniversary.  It was an awesome trip despite being called by the doctor moments after we checked in to inform me of my gestational diabetes diagnosis.  Wednesday we had to attend a class so I could get my diet plan and learn how to poke my finger.  No fun! I literally have never thought about how much I eat.  I am the world's pickiest eater, so if it sounds good, I eat it.  If I am still hungry, I eat more.  Those days are gone for long :(  I also officially stink at poking my finger.  I only have to do it four times a day, but yesterday my grand total was seven.  Anyways enough of that....we also finished painting the nursery this week (of course by 'we' I mean my awesome hubby)!  And our crib bedding came! Who wants to set up a crib this weekend?! ME!!!
All my poking supplies! I'm going to show this to her when she is a teenager and tries to claim I hate her :)

27 and 1/2 weeks on Coronado

28 weeks and 1 day

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Best Moment: Not my favorite week, but feeling you move is so fun no matter what else is going on in life.  However, you already love the right side of my belly, but this last week you are getting entirely too comfortable way up in my ribs.  We also celebrated three years of marriage this week! Yay for us!

Baby News: You are doing all sorts of cute stuff in there.  Waking up and sleeping often, opening and closing your eyes and of course kicking away.  Your brain tissue  is developing and your lungs are now able to function on their own if necessary, of course with some major medical help.  Let's just keep it going inside for now :)

Symptoms: It has been an emotional week.  Again.  Boy, no one really tells you how tough this pregnancy thing really is.  America's Got Talent elimination episode about did me in.  I am still getting tired fairly easily, but this week hasn't been too bad.

Weight: I think I have gained at least another pound, but no appointment this week. 

Movement: Definitely!  It is fun to watch it from the outside too, who knew watching a belly move could be so entertaining?!

Sleep: Overall, I have slept pretty good this week.  I am noticing that I am waking less frequently because now when I do wake up to go potty, I really have to go! I did have one awful night of sleep because I was anxious about my glucose test, so maybe that is why the other nights have been better.  Who knows?

Cravings/aversions/eating: This is a sensitive topic this week...and you don't want to mess with a sensitive pregnant person.  

Workouts: I finally received the new prenatal yoga dvd this week.  I decided to use it after my one hour glucose test.  I was really bad at it and the husband was laughing at me in the other room.  Well, I happened to check my phone during the session (I was clearly very zen) and I saw that I failed the one hour test.  I immediately started crying and the husband came in a few minutes later.  He asked what was wrong and I told him I failed.  Then it took another few minutes to clue him in on what I actually failed...he thought I meant I failed at the yoga.  Pretty funny looking back I guess :)

Clothes: Shopping/dressing has become very difficult.  So far I have really gotten away with regular clothes, then regular clothes a size up with a belly band.  However, I am noticing that buying bigger sizes of regular clothes don't really look right anymore.  It is really hard to find maternity clothes that look right too though, especially bottoms.  Quite the predicament I tell ya...

Other News: So this week I took my one hour glucose test and failed.  So Friday we set up camp and took the torturous three hour test.  I have some serious issues with starving a pregnant woman and then forcing her to drink the nastiest and unhealthiest drink imaginable while drawing her blood four different times! There has to be a better way people! Since it was Friday, my results were posted online in the late afternoon (more tears). I haven't gotten official word from anyone, but I am sure I will hear more tomorrow.  I passed the fasting and one hour portion, but failed the two hour and three hour.  Not by much at all, but I am pretty sure they diagnose you with gestational diabetes if you fail two or more portions.  One part of me is worried that I will have to give up everything that sounds good (fruit, sweets and carbs).  And then I realized that I would give up my right arm for this baby to come out healthy, so 12 weeks of a restricted diet is the least I can do! Of course, bottom line, this is just one more thing I have to force myself not to worry about.  I think it is pretty ironic that we are seeing a specialist to make sure baby girl is growing fast enough and now with gestational diabetes they will worry about her getting too big...I guess baby girl will get a taste of what it is like to be a woman in our society! Never the right size! Anyways, this week again was a huge reminder to rely on God because He is the one in control.  

3 year anniversary dinner at Jake's

My battle scars

Hornblower cruise with the family

Beautiful boat ride in San Diego!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

3 years ago...

Happy 3rd anniversary to my husband!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Best Moment: We got to see you again this week! We had our regular scheduled appointment with our doctor and my mom was off this week so she decided to come.  The doctor gave us a quick peek at you as grandma's special treat.  You seriously don't like ultrasounds and always move around and cover up your face.  We all still loved checking you out though :)

Baby News: You are almost two pounds! Your eyes have completely formed and soon you will start blinking with those cute little eyelashes.  You can respond to light, noise and even move to the music! 

Symptoms: Emotional and tiring easily.  I will have a really productive day and then the next day feel like I haven't slept in weeks.  Still an achy back and just all around uncomfortable.  The summer heat sure doesn't help! We have been trying to install a ceiling fan downstairs for over a week and couldn't figure out what was wrong.  Finally, the builder came and turns out they forgot to put in a switch for the fan! One symptom I have been anxiously awaiting is long, luxurious locks....Hello hair! I have been looking forward to this my whole life please get on it!

Weight: I gained two more pounds this week! This makes my total 17lbs. so far.  The doctor gave me the veggie talk in an effort to warn me about this time of pregnancy.  Apparently this next month you can really pack on the pounds.  

Movement: Definitely!  It is fun to watch it from the outside too, but still no clear body parts just little twitches almost.

Sleep: I have discovered two things about my sleeping this week.  First, I seem to be on an "every other night" type schedule.  I will have a horrible night of sleep and then the next night won't be so bad and so on and so on.  Second, I seem to often half-sleep.  I feel like I am sleeping, but I know I am also awake.  It is so weird and frustrating.  I will be laying there having conscious thoughts (this is where my anxiety really kicks in) and wishing I was all the way asleep! I think it has to do with getting up so often to potty.  They say not to drink water before bed, but I am always so thirsty right before bed!

Cravings/aversions/eating: Still loving the dessert.  Still no on the meat.  We made two pasta dishes this week for dinner and I forced myself to have one bite of chicken.

Workouts: I took some long and partially uphill walks this week with the puppy and it wiped me out! I also just received my actual prenatal yoga dvd that I am excited to try.  **Side note: I went to use the prenatal dvd this morning and it was cracked! Boo!

Clothes: Still leggings, dresses and stretchy shirts (some maternity and some not).  I am noticing the baggy shirts I love wearing to bed are not so baggy anymore...

Other News: We are starting to work on the nursery finally! We cleaned out the whole room and put things in their new place.  We also picked out two samples of paint and the hubby painted the ceiling white.  I am currently, impatiently, waiting for some sample swatches I ordered for the bedding to decide on the paint for the walls.  We also finally ordered the new parts for the crib.  My parents kept my crib and changing table that my brothers and cousins used.  My mom had it re-painted and now my dad found some snazzy new hardware to make it like new.  I kind of feel like we are at the beginning of wedding planning where you have to deal with all of the big, boring stuff before you can get to the fun, small details.  It is so frustrating not being able to paint or build or really help at all right now. We also started our registries this week.  Overwhelming to say the least....
Registering was exhausting! I decided to take a short break in the cart.  Those stores should really invest in a comfy chair for pregnant women to ride around when they are registering....

26 weeks exactly! Go me!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

24/25 WEEKS

that is my annoyed face in case you were wondering :)

Ahhh!! I am so behind.  I thought for sure I would be better during summer, but I haven't gotten even more lazy...if that was possible :)

Best Moment: We got to see you this week! We had our second appointment with our specialist so it was a bonus ultrasound.  Definitely a positive in this whole thing.  You were very naughty and I think the specialist was really annoying you trying to get you to do what she wanted.  How weird because stubbornness definitely does not run in the family, well at least not on my side :)

Baby News: You are growing so much! You were 1 pound and 11 ounces according to the doctor this week.  Your nostrils are beginning to open (that makes one of us!) and you are preparing your vocal chords to make some noise, just hopefully not too much :)

Symptoms: Some days I have quite a bit of energy and other days I feel like I haven't slept in weeks.  I have still been pretty crampy and uncomfortable. I have had quite a bit of back pain and the doctor recommended icing it every night, which feels wonderful! Also, I am still a tad emotional :)  My baby brain struck again this week when I decided to order a prenatal yoga dvd to help with some of the aches and pains.  I actually did the whole workout and wondered why there wasn't any real yoga moves.  That is when I finally read the cover and realized I just ordered a prenatal workout yoga involved.  Oops!

Weight: At the doctor I weighed in at 120lbs making my grand total so far about 15lbs.

Movement: Yep! This week I told your dad that he might be able to start hearing your heartbeat from the outside of my stomach.  So he laid right up next to my tummy and tried to listen real close....and then you kicked him right in the head :)

Sleep: The best sleep that I get is early in the morning when the husband gets out of bed.  Something about having the whole bed to myself (and sometimes a few furry guests) is just so relaxing. 

Cravings/aversions/eating: Still loving the dessert.  I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Specifically I like ice cream, frozen yogurt and certain baked goods (I am pretty picky when it comes to cupcakes/cakes etc.).  One of the cheerleaders I used to coach got married last weekend and the wedding was beautiful! They also had the best little chocolate mousse things EVER! Coming from someone who usually doesn't like chocolate, these things were amazing.
Workouts: Just my prenatal "yoga" workout and some walks with the puppy this week.  Last week I went swimming twice and that was quite the experience.  

Clothes:Lots of dresses, leggings and stretchy shirts.  I also tried using my belly bands with my shorts because maternity shorts just do not fit me right thanks to the chicken legs I inherited from my dad.

Other News: Like I said before, we had our second appointment with the specialist who we will be meeting with every four weeks or so to check on baby girl's growth.  The appointment went really well and she is still right on track for growth.  The doctor said she doesn't anticipate any issues and is looking forward to watching her grow.  We are too!  Afterwards, we decided to hit up Farrell's across the street from the hospital.  We sat right next to a lady and a little girl.  Turns out before they left, they paid for our lunch.  Isn't that the sweetest thing?!  People have officially started commenting/acknowledging I am pregnant in public (although very hesitantly I have noticed).  I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before this belly leaves no doubt.  

Here is a side by side of 15 weeks and 25 weeks.  Ten weeks makes a big difference! And ten weeks from right now, I will almost be full term, wow!