Monday, June 22, 2015

Two Months

Weight: She was just under 11 lbs at her last appointment! Right about the 40th percentile. 

Height: They are so all over with this! Now they measured her at 23 inches.  I think she is probably about 22 inches.

Nicknames: Ella Bella....Ella, Ellie, pumpkin, sister, baby

Eating: Poor Ellasyn is definitely the second child....I have no idea how often she eats.  I pretty much just feed her whenever.  I think she ranges from eating every hour to eating every eight hours some nights! The average is probably right around 2-3 hours.  She took some bottles this week.  Just like her pacifier, she is not a huge fan, but she will take it. 

getting some rolls!
Sleeping: Still sleeping great, pretty sure we have about a month or two left of this so we are going to soak it in! She has had a handful of nights where she has slept eight straight hours! A few nights she ate around 9:30pm, then woke up at 5:30am and then not again until eight! Hallelujah! Her naps are of course a different story.  If she is being held, moving or swaddled she will take a pretty decent nap.  She almost slept through the entire visit to the zoo this week! 
this night she preferred the floor...

Diapers: She is still in size 1.  She did graduate to mainly 0-3 month clothing though. *sad face*

Sadie in 18 months and Ellasyn in 0-3 months

tummy time

first train ride!
Social: Ellasyn has been tagging along to a lot of fun activities! She has slept through most outings and seems unimpressed with our busy schedule.  She went on her first train ride after attending her first soccer game.  She went to the wild animal park, the zoo and blueberry picking. Ellasyn also went to a party on the beach! 

Likes: She loves to eat, be outside, take a bath, and be worn in a carrier.

Dislikes: She doesn't like being in the backseat by herself....apparently Sadie doesn't count.  She also is very particular about her personal space.  Sometimes when she is fussy, we will just set her down and she will be totally cool.  Other times, you better not set her down for a moment. The girl knows what she wants!

Mommy: This has been such a better month! I have felt much more like myself and I am so relieved that the past two months are behind us.  The hubby was being worked to the bone and I was on my own trying to recover and take care of two little ones.  Now our daddy is home more, I am feeling good and it's summer!!   

zoo day

first fort!

cheering on her team!

hanging with her big sis
Daddy: We didn't get to see him too much this past month since it was such a busy time for him.  But, boy do we all get excited to see him when he does come home! We are so excited to have him all to ourselves for the summer :)

daddy time
Furbabies: Cheseny loves stealing kisses from Ellasyn and eating her diapers.  Dunphy is still uninterested :)

What we're looking forward to: More summer fun! And our first family road trip.....

On Wednesdays we wear pink :)
beach babe

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