Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Best Moment: We had our first appointment with the high-risk doctor this week.  We just love her (same one we had with Sadie)! We had a full anatomy scan including an "echo" on your sweet little heart.  You are still a girl (sorry daddy!) and the ultrasound tech said you were so cooperative and photogenic...very unlike your sister :)

Baby News: You are weighing in at about 13 ounces according to the doc and your bone marrow is developing enough to contribute to blood cell formation.  Your digestive system is able to absorb water and small amounts of sugar.  You are also growing eyebrows, fingernails and eyelashes.

Symptoms: My morning sickness is pretty much gone.  Yay! I still have many days with an awful taste in my mouth, but overall so much better than before! Also feeling tired, but I'm not sure who to blame that one on...And I've been a bit hormonal lately...I may or may not have cried over ordering Christmas cards.

Weight: According to the doctor this week, I have gained about 10 lbs. I think.  I keep forgetting what I am considering my starting weight.

Movement: Yes! I really only notice when I am laying down or sitting still....which is not very often with a one year old.  

Sleep: Sleep has been rough for our household.  Sadie got a cold, then we both got it and then Sadie got it's been a long couple of weeks.  I can get pretty comfortable now with a pillow in between my legs, but I am often pushed to the very edge of the bed with a cat sometimes nestled in there....

Cravings/aversions/eating: Still need my ice water! Other than that I feel like I am relatively normal this time around.  Sweets have been extra appealing, but it doesn't feel quite as out of the ordinary since I craved sweets majorly while nursing.

Workouts: Not much lately since we have all been down for the count :(

Clothes: Still just working with what I got :)  I have busted out my maternity jeans a few times and switched over to a few regular t-shirts that I stretched out with Sadie.

Other News: Our first appointment with the specialist went well.  All the organs and bones looked great.  She even has all three vessels in her umbilical cord! Of course she couldn't let her sister have all the fun...we did find out that my placenta is a little too low.  I was put on pelvic rest and will have to go see the doctor every two weeks to check up on everything.  

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