Wednesday, March 25, 2015

33-36 WEEKS

*** I wanted to do a post for 33 weeks, although it made me a tad nervous.  That clearly didn't happen anyways, but I did take a picture at 34 weeks, and now here I am at 36 weeks with no picture but an update! #secondkid

Best Moment: We had what I *think* will be our last ultrasound.  It was definitely our last time with our high risk doctor, she is signing off and going out of town until your due date.  It is always nice to check on you, but to be honest I couldn't really make out much in the ultrasound, you are so big now!!

Baby News: You are weighing in at just about 6 lbs.(!!) which still puts you right about the 64th percentile.  

Symptoms: Look up pregnancy symptoms and just figure I have that.  This is my first time being nine months pregnant and I can't say I am a huge fan.

Weight: I almost deleted this question (thank you hormones).  I won't delete it, but I am not answering this!

Movement: Yep! It is super uncomfortable since she is still breech.  I get a lot of painful kicks down low and a lot of head in my ribs.  Super fun.

Sleep: Sleeping is still average.  I have had a few pretty good nights since I brought back the body pillow.  I didn't think it would help/work with a toddler lying next to me, but I love it! Last night was awful though with pregnancy insomnia, let's not do that again! 

Cravings/aversions/eating: Another category I would prefer to delete....  Obviously I am still craving my ice water, but now that I am getting to the end, my cravings are getting tough.  I would literally kill for some fro-yo, pancakes and pretty much anything else that I am not 
allowed to have.  Sad face :(((((

Workouts: Pretty much everything feels like a workout at this point.  By the time I clean up the house and maybe take a walk, I can barely make it until evening when I am relieved of my duties by the hubster.

Clothes: Still a mixture of regular and maternity.  My pants (of course that is a loose term) are regular, unless I am wearing jeans and then it is maternity all the way.  Shirts are mainly maternity.  I am really running out of options, but considering I have only 3 weeks left I am trying to make due.

Other News: The big news this week is I will be having a scheduled c-section as long as baby cooperates.  She is still breech and they are pretty positive she is staying put.  I am so anxious about a c-section.  Really labor is just making me anxious in general.  When your water breaks seven weeks early, you kind of don't get to experience this whole waiting/anticipation thing.  I can't say I am a fan.  It is crazy to think that I am 3 weeks past when Sadie arrived and in 3 weeks (or less) Sadie will be a big sister!

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