Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Farewell Tour

Birthday brunch!
I just celebrated the big 2-9 which means, according to the hubster, that I am on my Farewell Tour of my 20s.  That also means that I have just one year left to finish my 30 before 30 list, yikes! I decided to check on my progress....
30 Before 30 List
1.   Go on an airplane- Check! We flew to Seattle over the summer and have plans to fly there again for our friend's wedding!
2.   Read all books on our 30 before 30 list- I am a little less than halfway there (ten and 1/2, the 1/2 being 51% of The Bible), time to get reading...super easy with two children under the age of two.
3.   Run a 5k- I will have to sign up for one, once I get cleared at my postpartum checkup.
4.   Take a cooking class- Maybe a date night this summer....
5.   Learn a new hobby- How to survive two children under two?? Just kidding, I will think of something.
6.   Eat something from our garden- Well I planted a new garden! And then it died...this one will be tough.
7.   Pay off student loan debt- Check-ish! We just paid off our last loan, but we still have an interest free one that we pay $100 each month on.  Since it is interest free, we are in no hurry to pay it off.
8.   Buy a car- Considering we just ended up leasing two new cars, this one is definitely not going to happen.  I can transfer it to my 40 before 40 list. 
9.   Plant a tree- Hopefully I have better luck with this than my garden...
10.                Donate blood- I think I have to wait until I finish breastfeeding, so this one could be cutting it close.
11.                Host Thanksgiving- Better start preparing for this now!
12.                Go to a concert- If I can get Ellasyn to take a bottle, then this could happen!
13.                Complete a 30-day challenge- We were soooo close to finishing an ab challenge when I found out I was we have to start all over!
14.                Order a produce box- I keep procrastinating on this!
15.                Go on a roadtrip- Middle of July we are driving up the coast of California for a wedding...twenty hours in the car with a toddler and infant, should be memorable!
16.                Go to Washington D.C.- I think this will have to be a transfer to 40 before 40...
17.                Have breakfast on the beach- Maybe on our road trip??
18.                 Plan a 30th birthday bash- I think I have some time on this one...
19.                Go camping- Hmmmm not sure about this one with an infant!
20.                Go to Disneyland- Planning to for Sadie's second birthday!
21.                Visit an out of town stadium- We went to a Diamondback game last summer and this summer we are going to try and go to a Giants game when we are in San Fran.
22.                Carry out 30 random acts of kindness- I better start this now!
23.                Play a round of golf together- I put it on the list for this summer!
24.                Write a children’s book- Oh boy, I was really not planning on having another kiddo when I wrote this list....
25.                Go to the Grand Canyon- Another transfer I think...
26.                Go out on a boat- Well this will be fun! I wonder what kind of boat I should choose
27.                Go to a drive-in movie theater- Put it on the summer list!
28.                Join or start a book club- Working on this for the fall
29.                Watch a classic movie that we haven’t seen before- Summer list!
30.                Make a list of 40 things to do before 40- I will probably do this after I turn 30 and figure out what is left on this list!

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