Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two Months Old

Weight: Eight pounds finally! 

Height: 20 inches (I could tell she had gotten so much longer over the last month!) 

Nicknames: Sadie babe, Sadie Baby, Sade, Peanut, Pooper, Stinker, Sweet Girl, Terk, Roczen, Pistachio, Sadie Bear

How she got the Terk nickname :)
Eating: Sadie is a great eater.  She currently eats for about 20-30 minutes every 2-3 hours during the day.  We are still using the shield, but hopefully by three months we can wean off of that.  Since she is still so little, she goes from zero to starving in .3 seconds so you better be on your game and ready to go :)

Sleeping: Sadie  is a great sleeper, especially at night.  She is definitely more awake than she was last month, but luckily only during the day! We eventually stopped waking her up since she was gaining plenty of weight.  The truth is we kept sleeping through our alarms no matter what we tried….so we just decided to stop setting it.  We also received the velcro swaddle blankets from Sadie's aunt Chandra and we haven't looked back.  The first night we used them she had her first five hour stretch!  She has her longest stretch the first part of the night.  She will sleep from about ten until about 4am.  Then she wakes more frequently, usually every three hours, but sometimes two.  She doesn't have any set nap times yet, but we try to loosely follow the eat-play-sleep plan.  She stays awake for about an hour for each meal time and then we try to put her down.  Unfortunately, she is not fan of napping anywhere but on somebody's chest.  She also naps well in the ergo and on car rides.  If I put her in the swing, bouncer, or napper she wakes up shortly after.  I am loving the cuddles, but this is not a long term solution….

Love the Ergo!


Sound asleep :)

Sometimes we try and set her down still in the Ergo insert...

It usually works for a few minutes!

Diapers: She is still wearing newborn diapers.  However, we are almost out and she had a major blowout all over me on Halloween so I think we will be switching to size one very soon!

Social: Sadie has been out on the town quite a bit this month.  She went to the beach, brunch, the Farmer's Market, the pumpkin patch and a couple of restaurants.  She met her GG and she has met all of her great grandparents.  She also met Uncle Farand and became an instant celebrity on Instagram!
Our neighbor posted this picture when we were out to dinner and in less than an hour she had over 18,000 likes!

Uncle Farand!

She finally got to meet her birthday twin…she is two months in this picture and he is not even a week!

Likes: She still loves breastfeeding.  She still loves to sleep on Mommy and Daddy's chest. She also likes to suck on her fingers. She loves looking at the blinds.  She enjoys car rides, but not red lights (smart girl!).  She likes the Ergo and she likes the bath finally!  She also loves to have her head rubbed.
Love hanging out in the backseat with this sweet face!

bath time

Dislikes: She still DOES NOT like waiting for food. When she is ready to eat, she makes it loud and clear. She still doesn't love to have her diaper changed, especially when she is ready to eat. She also does not like to be burped or stopped at red lights.  She is a mover for sure!

Mommy: Still loving being a mom to our sweet girl.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of it.  Thank goodness for my hubby and mom who are always right here when I need a break or a shower :)  It's funny how sometimes I really need a break and other times I miss her just when she is sleeping or someone else is holding her.  
we finally had to buy an extra freezer to keep up with my oversupply of milk….

Daddy: Sadie loves her daddy.  He always rocks her and sings to her and I just love seeing the way they look at each other.  He is such a trooper.  He always gets up with us at night and then works all day.  I know he is exhausted, but he still comes home and helps in any way he can.  We are lucky girls :)
Date night

Furbabies: Chesney still loves that little girl.  She is always right by her side and giving as many kisses as she can before we tell her no.  She is almost too protective of her, she even growled at trick or treaters on Halloween.  Luckily, we worked with her and by the end of the night she was much better.  They are both so cute at night when we get up to feed her.  Chesney always waits at the top of the stairs until we are back in bed.  Dunphy still is impartial to Sadie.  But that is how he is with everything! 
they love to watch me pump :)

What we are looking forward to:  A real, true smile! We are dying for Sadie to give us a real actual smile.  There have definitely been some close calls, but nothing for sure yet.  We also can't wait to celebrate the holidays with Sadie! Hopefully she enjoys them more than Halloween :)
selfie :)

Grandpa gave her the first air bath

resting after her two month shots :(

just hangin

grandma time!

giving tylenol is harder than it looks….


  1. I gave Riley Tylenol for the first time on Monday (teething - yikes) and he HATED it. Spit it out everywhere! And that junk is sticky. Ick. Congrats on 2 months! The big smile should come soon - and it's so worth it :)

    1. teething seems so scary! tylenol is so sticky, it got on everything! thank you, your little guy is so adorable :)