Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One Week Old

One Week Old!

Sadie has made so much progress in her first week of life.  She was able to completely wean off of any respiratory assistance and pass her birth weight.  Luckily, my milk supply came in very quickly and we have not had to supplement at all with formula.  They initially started just giving her small drops with an eyedropper and then, as they increased her feedings, gave her a bottle.  If she wasn’t able to finish her bottle, the rest was given to her through a nasal feeding tube.  She started out with 3ml every 3 hours and within the week was up to her goal of 45ml.  We were also able to try breastfeeding.  The lactation consultant was blown away by her skills.  She kept hugging us and telling us this is why she wasn’t able to retire.  Sadie loves to breastfeed!  However, this poses quite the predicament.  There is no way for us to measure how much breast milk she is getting and breastfeeding is very tiring for her.  If we try it before the bottle, she will hardly take any of the bottle (which can actually be measured).  She actually squeezes her lips together so you can’t get the bottle in.  
This was right after I was officially inducted in the Mommy club...Sadie pooped all over me!

She is quite the stinker already.  She actually was weaned off of her respiratory assistance a day early because she pulled it out of her nose.  By the time, the nurses noticed, they realized she was fine without it.  A few days later, she kept kicking off her IV.  They put it in her arm, but she pulled that out too.  They decided to take her IV out a day early also.  Right now, we are focusing on maintaining stability and gaining maturity with the “suck, swallow, breathe” eating technique.  Hopefully, we are out of here soon!
Love that face!

Our first skin to skin!
Working on a tan :)

Showing off her cute button breathing tube!

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