Monday, October 21, 2013

Due Date

This past Friday, October 18th, was Sadie's due date.  It was so surreal spending the day with her since we have been envisioning this time since last February.  I wondered if she would share a birthday with my mom or if she would come on our dating anniversary.  I thought we might have a brand new baby just in time for Halloween.  We hoped that she might come right on her due date so that I could work that whole week (so hilarious since I have worked exactly zero school days this whole year!)  We obviously never expected a September baby, but we have loved this bonus time with our sweet girl.  

Sadie spent Friday night with her grandma and grandpa so we could go on a date!

Celebrating grandma's birthday

Family tummy time

First time to the beach!

First trip to the pumpkin patch!

Pooped after her first baby shower

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