Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Three Weeks Old

Passed the carseat test with flying colors!

After days of hearing my least favorite word, “tomorrow.”  Tomorrow finally became today on Friday September 20th (the day Daddy predicted!)!!! We were finally able to take our sweet baby girl home.  Sadie’s first boyfriend Gavin from the NICU was also able to go home the same day, so it was one awesome day. 
Going home!!!!
We could not be happier to sleep in our own beds, play with our furbabies and love on our precious angel any time we want.  Sadie has had lots of visitors and I think she loves her new home (and her fun outfits!).  We have been able to focus a lot on breastfeeding and it is going really well.  

Visiting with Uncle Kyle

We were really relieved that she had gained weight when the home nurse came today.  She was 5lbs. 12 ounces when we left the hospital and today she was about 6lbs. 5 ounces.  She is still wearing preemie diapers, but occasionally we put her in newborn.  She is definitely still in preemie clothes, which are just adorable.  She also had her newborn photos taken today, so fun! 

First bath at home

Her first Monday at home...she is not a fan!

Visiting with her Great Grandparents and Great Aunt Amy

First walk!

Hanging out in her swing :)

Husband's soccer team still hosted a shower for us, although we missed it.  They made adorable bibs and bought us a Pack n Play!


Tummy Time

Look at those wrinkly elbows!

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