Thursday, January 16, 2014

A "White" Christmas

Yes, I realize Christmas was almost a month ago, but that's apparently how life is with a baby who boycotts naps like nobody's business.
don't let this face of innocence fool you...

This year Christmas was a little different for us.  Not only was it Sadie's very first Christmas, but we also spent it on an island off the coast of Florida.  My cousin decided to get married the weekend before Christmas in Orlando, so earlier this year, my whole family decided to make a vacation out of it.  It was quite the adventure traveling across the country for two whole weeks with a 3 month old.  I probably would not recommend it, but I am looking forward to the day where I can tell her she has already been to Disney World....and everyone knows you can only go once to keep things fair for all children of the world :) Don't judge that place is a money pit! Anywho, back to the trip....
first plane ride!
Sadie did really well on her first plane ride.  She did have a massive blowout a few minutes in, but besides that she was a pretty happy camper.

Sadie's first trip to the Atlantic!
We spent the day at Cocoa Beach and Sadie put her toes in the Atlantic.  She is such a water baby and loved every second!

love those grins
The first week was pretty much spent in preparation for the wedding.  We did enjoy a nice bridal lunch and pool day at the Ritz.
where is that cabana boy?!

she is definitely my daughter!
Sadie was not a huge fan of the wedding.  Thank goodness she slept through the ceremony, but the reception was a little much for her.

The wedding!
The rest of the trip was spent on Anna Marie Island off the Gulf coast of Florida.  We stayed in a beautiful house with about 20 of our family members.  Overstimulation anyone??? The beach was gorgeous and the white sand made for a different white Christmas.

baby sandals <3

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas tree

Beach day

Catching the sunset

Christmas Day
 Our last day we checked an item off our bucket list and spent the day in Harry Potter World!
Butter beer at the Three Broomsticks!

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