Friday, January 31, 2014


Since January is pretty much over, I figured I better get on this year's resolutions before the "New Year" feeling wears off.  First a look back at last year....
1. Start recycling.  We did pretty darn good with this.  Go us!
2. Carpool to school.  I am happy to say we carpooled almost every day last year.  It was really tough, but worth it! Of course it was really only about five months and then summer vacation, one week of work and Sadie entered the world!
3. Read one book a month.  I love this resolution, but some months I don't think I made it.  However, I read a ton in the summer so I am pretty sure it all evens out.  However, now that I have mommy brain, it takes me about four years to read one paragraph....
4. Read one book of the bible a month.  Didn't do too well with this.  We joined a 40 day in the Word bible study last February that kind of threw us off and then I joined a Beth Moore study in September.  Not proud of this one :(
5.  Use our new juicer 3x a week.  Juicer?! What juicer? This was the most epic fail of them all.  I blame pregnancy! First trimester I was too tired to get out of bed and then being diagnosed with gestational diabetes prohibited any and all juice.  Boo :(
6.  Pay off Sallie Mae.  Sallie Mae I have not missed you one bit!
7.  Go to a concert.  We went to Brad Paisley and it was awesome!
8. Continue Sunday night dinners with my family.  Love this tradition!
9. Learn something new.  How to be a mom?! That counts :)
10.  Take a cooking class.  I did actually sign up for this, but canceled when I was diagnosed with diabetes because cooking and not eating sounded like no fun.
11.  Perform one random act of kindness each month.  Oh boy this was another bad one...
12. Go to an out-of-state sporting event.  Nope :(
13.  Go to Disneyland.  We went to Harry Potter World! Butter beer yummmm
All in all, I think we did pretty good.  Considering I was either pregnant or with an infant the ENTIRE year, I am pretty proud of us.  Now for 2014:
1. Read a book a month. This is just an awesome tradition and even if I don't keep it, I like having this goal every year :)
2. Plan monthly meals/order a produce box. Now that I am staying home, we cannot afford to eat out at all.  My mom and I will be planning all of our meals on a monthly basis to hopefully keep us on track with cooking.  A produce box just sounds awesome, although maybe a little pricey.  I might just have to stick with the Farmer's Market for now :)
3. Take a weekly bath. Mommy needs some "me" time!
4. Start a garden. I pretty much kill everything I try and grow, but it could be fun to try!
5. Exercise daily. Chesney will appreciate a daily walk and we could all use some extra vitamin D :)
6. Limit social media to once a day. Oh boy as a breastfeeding mom I was on social media all the time! Sadie would latch and I would log on.  Social media is so addicting and it can be such a joy robber sometimes, so I am cutting down to just once a day and I will give up the f-book again for Lent.
7. No TV once a week. When you first start out breastfeeding, you are pretty much camped out on the couch for hours on end.  I could have read a book or the Bible, but instead I watched TV.  Time to cut back! Hopefully this will help with my reading goal :)
8. Eat dinner at the table. What a concept, right?! Lazy pregnancy lady, plus disorganization made for dinner on the couch.  Really trying to break this habit!
9. Have Sunday Night Dinners. Keeping this great tradition alive!
10. Make a monthly budget. Dave Ramsey we have let you down! We were so good at this and cut out so much debt and thennnn we got pregnant (Do you see a theme here?!).  When you are expecting a child you naturally go in to saving mode and ummmm major spending mode! You think you have to have everything that lines the aisles of Buy Buy Baby! Well again it is time to see where our money is going.
I pretty much blame everything on this sweet little nugget :) Good thing we love her to pieces!
Here is to a great 2014!!!!

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