Thursday, February 6, 2014

Five Months

Weight: Sadie is weighing in at just over 12 lbs. according to our home scale

Height: According to my home measurement, about 23 inches.

Nicknames: Sadie babe, Sadie Baby, Sade, Peanut, Pooper, Stinker, Sweet Girl, Terk, Roczen, Pistachio, Sadie Bear, "Savie"

Eating: Eating has been a challenge the last few weeks.  Sadie apparently has way more interesting things to do than eat.  She gets distracted so easily!  We tried without the shield and lasted about a week. However, I felt like she was spitting up a lot more than usual.  After a few days I felt like she was only eating for a few minutes at a time.  So long story short we are back to using the shield for now.  She is still eating every 2 hours with mommy and when she hangs out with daddy or grandma they can usually stretch her out to 3 hours.

trying out her high chair!
Sleeping: Sadie sleeps great at night still! She goes down about 9pm and then will sleep until about 5-6am.  Then she eats and is back down until 9-10am.  Every once in awhile she will wake around 3-4am wanting to eat.  She loves to keep us on our toes :)  Naps are still a challenge to say the least....She just doesn't want to miss anything.  We have the best luck in her swing, carseat (while driving or walking) or if she is being held.  I did try a few naps in her crib, but it was exhausting.  It took about 30-45 minutes to get her to fall asleep and then she would wake up 10-15 minutes later.  Maybe we will try again soon :)
first nap in her crib!

waiting on the floor for her to fall asleep :)

Diapers: She officially graduated to size 2.  This girl never poops by the way.  It stresses us out, but I guess it is "normal" for breastfed babies to go days without pooping.  

poop explosion on the outfit her boyfriend gave her...

Social: Sadie LOVES to talk all the time.  It is pretty much the most adorable thing in the whole world.  Her very favorite time to talk is after her early morning feeding while we are trying to get her back to sleep.  This month she went to her first baby shower, spent the night at Gram's and Gramps, and met her Auntie Emily.  She also loves to show off her tricks like rolling over and standing up on your lap.
this lady and I were pregnant on this exact weekend last was her baby shower day and I didn't know yet!

Go Seahawks!

Likes: bath time, tummy time (what?!), her butterfly on her car seat, staying awake all the time and being silly

Dislikes: getting out of the bath, riding in the backseat by herself, and pooping apparently

Mommy: I finally had my post-op with my OB this month.  She referred me to a specialist to try and figure out what the deal with my uterus is.  Turns out I either have a uterine septum (wall that never dissolved) or I have a heart shaped uterus. My appointment with the specialist is on February 10th, the exact day we found out we were pregnant a year ago.  God has quite the sense of humor :)

Daddy: Since I have started tutoring in the afternoons/evenings, daddy gets some alone time with Sadie twice a week.  He does an amazing job! I usually come home to dinner cooked and a happy baby....he is really starting to make me look bad :)

Furbabies: Chesney loves tummy time too.  She thinks it is the best game when we are all on the floor.  Dunphy still loves sleeping in all of Sadie's things, but otherwise doesn't give her much attention.

What we are looking forward to:  Sadie's first Valentine's Day! 
tummy time

dog beach

reading of course

daddy daughter tummy time

enjoying the gorgeous "winter" weather in the hammock 

this girl loves the beach

first time wearing shoes!

baby planking

grabbing a toy!

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