Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

It is so crazy to think that one year ago, we were decorating Easter eggs to reveal to our extended family that Baby Shives was on the way.  Now this year, "Baby Shives" is our sweet and wild Sadie babe.  We had so much fun celebrating Easter for the first time with her.

On Good Friday, daddy had the day off so we went and visited the Easter Bunny.  Sadie hadn't slept in over four hours, so I was sure we were headed for a meltdown.  However, as usual, Sadie proved me wrong.  She LOVED the Easter Bunny.  She kept looking up at him and smiling.  We would have bought those pictures too, but we ran out of kidneys :)  Seriously though, such a rip-off!

On Saturday we went to church.  Sadie was NOT feeling the nursery (thank you stranger anxiety) and after screaming for fifteen minutes, they called us to pick her up.  Definitely not our favorite part of the weekend :(

Then we went over to my parent's house to help them get ready for Easter.  Sadie loved hanging out with her Uncle Kyle! We decided to skip coloring Easter eggs since someone needed to go to bed....(that makes it two years in a row for me! last year I was plagued by first trimester exhaustion!).

Then on Sunday, we headed over to my parent's to see if the Easter bunny came, and he did! Sadie was falling asleep opening up her basket, but she was still really into it.  It's crazy to think that next year, she will be hunting for eggs!

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