Wednesday, May 7, 2014

8 Months

8 months
Weight: Sadie doesn't have another check-up until next month, but according to our home scale she is 17.4 pounds! 

Height: She is about 25 inches according to our home attempt.

Nicknames: Pumpkin (pronounced punkin of course), Punkin Chunkin, Pumpkin Butt...Puppet, Fuss Bucket, Chunk Butt (anything having to do with chunkiness or chubbiness)Sadie babe, Sadie Baby, Sade, Peanut, Pooper, Stinker, Sweet Girl, Terk, Roczen, Pistachio, Sadie Bear, "Savie", Stink Butt (I noticed she has quite a few nicknames about stinking up the place....I will be sure to remind her of this when she brings home her first boyfriend, kidding!)

Eating: So we waited a few weeks on the solids and then one night at my parent's house, my mom and I tried to give her some avocado.  This girl inhaled it! And then she slept until 4am.  I thought I was living in a dream world.  In fact, I was.  She has since decided that she sometimes likes avocados, and sometimes 
doesn't.  I won't even mention the sleeping thing right now... Anyways, she has definitely come around to food for the most part.  So far she has had: avocado, sweet potato, green beans, squash, pears, carrots, cucumber, apple and bananas.  We have tried dabbling in baby wed leaning, but it gives us a small heart attack.  She loves it though.  She has tried bananas, pears, apples, cucumber and avocados in chunks and she goes to town.  She is still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and sometimes still at night :(....And she is still THE most distracted nurser in the whole world, I am sure of it.  My shirt distracts her, my freckles distract her, and God forbid if anyone makes a peep in a 20 mile radius she snaps her head to find out what she missed. So frustrating.....clearly she isn't missing any meals though :)
it's more fun when you can do it by yourself
no bib #momfail
Sleeping: So after many nights of feedings every two hours, we tried to put our foot down.  When she started waking up after two hours we tried everything, but nursing to get her back to sleep.  Have you ever seen an 8 month old throw a tantrum?!!! Well we have now.  She was SO mad when we refused to feed her.  You would think we were starving the poor child.  Anyways, it usually only lasted a few minutes and then she would pass out.....if you were holding her.  Try and set her down and she would wake up remembering how mad she was.  We were going from one bad habit to another....sigh.  And in true Sadie fashion, just when I am seriously close to sleep deprivation insanity she will have one awesome night of sleep.  I will think the light at the end of the tunnel is near, I will try and imagine every detail of the previous day (did she eat more? sleep more? was it the bedtime? was it magic?) Alas we have still not cracked the sleeping code.
the highchair might be the solution?!

Diapers/Clothes: We officially made the jump to size 3.  Mainly because we were out of size 2 and the 3's fit close enough :)  She wears a super wide range of clothing right now.  She still fits in to a lot of 0-3 month stuff, but she also can wear 6 month clothing.  She mainly wears 3-6 month outfits right now. Still no shoes though :(  

Social: Sadie is still so much fun.  It seems like every day she is doing something new.  This month she unofficially said "mama" and is talking up a storm/ fake coughing/other strange noises.  She also is moving around quite a bit, although still not officially crawling.  She scoots all around, rocks on her hands and knees, but only can move herself backwards or in circles.  She also is able to actually play with toys.  She can easily pass things from one hand to another and she totally problem solves.  Which makes our life more difficult! If something we don't want her to have is out of reach, you better believe she will find a way to get it.  Our favorite new trick is her being able to locate her paci and put it in her mouth no matter what direction she grabs it. Also this month she went to another wedding, and she actually danced with us this time!  We celebrated her first Easter.  It was so fun because it was the first holiday that she was remotely aware of.  She was exhausted opening up her Easter basket, but she loved it!  She also loved the Easter bunny :) She went to her first baseball game which was so cool for us.   

wedding fun
Likes: being outside, her daddy, her animals, her jumparoo, her swing, her stroller, laughing (fake laughing mostly), fake coughing, sitting in her big girl bath, putting anything and everything in her mouth, drinking from a big girl cup, jumping on your lap, climbing on you like a jungle gym, standing up (all.the.time), feeding herself, peek-a-boo, going in the pool....this girl is pretty easy to please :)  

she loves the hammock
Dislikes: being bored, getting her face wiped, putting on sunscreen, going in the nursery at church

hanging out with grandma
Mommy: I'm working a little extra on the side this month while the opportunities are there.  So thankful for my mom who takes such good care of Sadie while I'm gone.  I just love spending my days with my sweet and fun daughter.  But if I had one word to describe her lately it would be exhausting....I miss sleep.  I know the days are long, but the years are oh so short so I am really trying to enjoy every moment with my sweet girl (the 3am moments are just a little more difficult....).
love my sweet girl

Daddy: Still a daddy's girl through and through.  If you don't catch them laughing together, hang around for another 2.2 seconds and I am sure you will.  
first carnival
Furbabies: Chesney and Piper are still all about Sadie.  Piper flips any time we go to my mom's.  It is seriously so cute.  Dunphy has joined in on some playtime recently, but as soon as Sadie reaches for a pet, he darts.  Although, he does that to everyone...
puppy kisses
all day, every day
What we are looking forward to:  SUMMER! Not so much the heat, but having our daddy home and lots of pool/beach trips.  Also, I think we are all ready for some teeth to pop through and for crawling to commence in the correct direction.

catching up on all things DG
she is so proud of her skills

love the pool!

This month also marked the official in and out time period.  Sadie has been out as long as she has been in.

silly girl
ready for opening day!


Easter morning

so sleepy

cousin <3

Easter dress

more standing...

drying off after sippy cup "incident"

rock n' roll

park fun

loving the pears

juicy girl

the aftermath of dinnertime

rockin her 0-3 month outfit at 8 months

beach babe

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