Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Goodbye 27!

I'm seriously getting old...I really am questioning if I am actually now 28.  When I was little I never imagined how people could forget how old they were...and now I forget. a lot.  Oops!  Anyways I am pretty positive the clock just turned for me to good ol' 28 (yay for even numbers!).  So I am taking a second to look back on year 27, the wildest and best year of my whole life:

1. Found out Baby Shives was a girl.
2. Had a surprise birthday party (and I was actually surprised!)
my BFFs
3. Watched my little brother graduate from college.  Such a smarty pants!

4. Took a trip to Wisconsin to celebrate a sweet marriage.

5. Celebrated our third anniversary.

6. Took a family vacation to Palm Springs.

7. Spent a weekend in San Diego.

8. Finished the Harry Potter series, books and movies!

9. Went on a babymoon.

10. Had a fabulous baby shower!
11.  Met our sweet, precious little stinker 7 weeks early.
12. After 17 long days in the NICU, we took our baby girl home!
Sadie's newborn pictures
13.Celebrated our first month of parenthood and 8 years of being together.

14.Took Sadie to the pumpkin patch.
she was so tiny!
15. Sadie met Santa.
16. Took Sadie on her first plane ride.

17.Sadie went to her first wedding.

18.  Celebrated Christmas on an island off the coast of Florida.
19. Went to Harry Potter World.
20. Became a SAHM.

21.Went to a fun Superbowl party and caught up with old friends.
22. Spent a romantic and fun evening out with my Valentine.

23. Spent the day at the Pacific Ocean.
24. Had an awesome Spring Break with lots of fun outings.
first trip to the zoo!
25.  Celebrated Sadie's first Easter.

26. Threw a surprise party for my parent's 30th Anniversary.

27. Took Sadie swimming for the first time.

 You have a lot to live up to 28!

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