Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Six/Seven Months

six months!
seven months!

Happy half birthday sweet Ellasyn Grace! And happy seven months in bold!

Weight: She was 14lbs and 4 oz. at her appointment.  So she gained exactly 2 pounds since her 4 month check-up and moved up from the 10th percentile to the 15th. Almost 15 lbs! No appointment until 1 year :(

Height: They measured her at 25 inches (it was a different nurse then we are used to, so it could be a little off). I think that puts her in the 11th percentile if I remember correctly, and her head was in the 25th, not quite as big as her sisters! I have no idea...

Nicknames: E-yah (Sadie's name for her), Ella Bella, Sister, Baby, Ellie, sweet girl, pumpkin, peanut, monkey

Eating: Ellasyn gets pretty distracted during the day so her best nursing sessions are in the middle of the night! Woo hoo :( She eats about every two hours still for a few minutes on each side.  If anyone makes a peep, she's off and looking around.  It's quite challenging explaining "silence", "latch" and "distractions" to a 2 year old....Also she has pretty much grown out of spitting up.  She still does every once in awhile, but not like before.  Just wanted to note that since Sadie spit up well into her first birthday! Ellasyn is not a huge fan of solids so far. We tried avocado first and she was not a fan.  We also tried some sweet potatoes which was also a fail.  She also has had applesauce which she liked and banana which was a fail. 

Sleeping: Ellasyn has officially said goodbye to nighttime sleep just like her sister did at this age.  I don't even keep track of how many or what time she feeds each night.  If I hear her, I just roll over and give her what she wants.  Occasionally I will bring daddy into the picture if the milk is not enough.  Every couple of nights she will need more help than that to get back to sleep, so luckily daddy taps in on those.  She also has such an opposite sleep preference than Sadie.  She gets so sleepy (grouchy) at night and would probably go to sleep at 7 if we let her! We have tried our best to keep her up and have Sadie meet her in the middle. Ellasyn is still up all night it seems, but I am not really keeping track.  She takes three naps a day pretty consistently.  The middle of the day nap is usually the longest (which is at the same time as her sister's so hallelujah!!!).  I decided to start keeping her up for longer in the mornings/early afternoon so I could enjoy some double nap time.  Overall it has been a huge success and a major game changer for life with two!

Diapers: Size 2!  Same

Social: September was a super busy month and then it was time to get ready for Halloween!!! We checked so many things off of our fall bucket list and despite the car torture, Ella loved it all.  She also loved going to all of daddy's football games.  She passed out in daddy's arms most games :)  Ellasyn was a pumpkin for Halloween and made a lot of friends out trick or treating.  She also sat in a pumpkin and "helped" with some pumpkin carving.  

Likes: being held, smiling, crawling, being silly, her sister same

Dislikes: the car! same, she really is always happy unless you set her down, like you have to do when you go on car rides....

Mommy: Fall is one of my favorite times of year and it is so fun having TWO kids to make memories with. 

Daddy: Busy, busy, busy! But oh my do I have two daddy's girls on my hands.  Ellasyn loves taking naps on her daddy. same

Furbabies: Over the last couple of months Ellasyn has really taken an interest in the animals....I can't say the feelings are mutual.  Although Chesney does love giving her kisses! same

What we are looking forward to:  The holidays!!!!!! Oh and we are moving! Ahh!!!

mariners game

must get kitty

hanging out at daddy's soccer game

loves the corn!

bring on the food!

pool day, disney edition

she's off!


stroller nap

standing up on pumpkins


this what I have been waiting for?!!!

loves eating her paper

story time


Riley's farm

football game fun

silly with sister

loves to chase this cup around

pink football game

soccer game!

first Halloween!

birthday party fun

loves being in the play room while sister sleeps

trying out sister's gymnastics

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